Monday, April 20, 2009

Ranters, here's your chance to vent

If you hate my Church of the Churchless blog, or want to insult me (Brian Hines), here's your chance!

I've started this anti-blog so rabid haters of Church of the Churchless will have a place to post their rantings. That way they won't clog up the coherent (or semi-coherent) comment conversations
we have over on my churchless blog.

This probably will be the only post on I Hate Church of the Churchless! The rest of the content will be provided by ranters in the form of comments to this post.

I'll start off the fun by copying in some comments that I've gotten from "yliadin" and "Ashy," who almost certainly are the same person: Ashy Heller, a Radha Soami Satsang Beas initiate from Cape Town, South Africa.

He loves to insult me and disparage churchless discussions that question religious dogmatism. As a writer, I have to admire Ashy's colorful insulting language (though he can get more than a little repetitious).

I haven't posted all of his rantings that got deleted from Church of the Churchless comments, but you'll find a good sampling below. Feel free to add your own.

Be creative! Dig deep into your profanity vocabulary! Find fresh ways of expressing your hatred of the Church of the Churchless and me.

Venting is good for the soul. This could be your means of spiritual uplift! Click on the "__ Comments" link below to add your rant.


  1. Here's some comments that I've gotten from "yliadian" and "Ashy" on my Church of the Churchless blog.
    Howdy George I can't stay

    let us see if these indoctrinated guru bashing pricks got the balls for the war they started, I somehow doubt it very much.

    Thing is the beauty of the exercise is so basically simple, no amount of indoctrinated egotist warfare will secure their emancipation from its chains of delusion, this is something Life and Love itself is going to have to teach them, not I nor they can do it for themselves, the strange thing about it is this, the very source of the misinformed agenda based hatred they harbor is going to teach them the lesson, the very thing they despise with all of their arrogant intoxicated indoctrinated might is the power and force that is going to turn them around, and then these deluded 'I am my own universe' protagonists are going to be crying like little babies when the penny does drop and the veil of disillusioned illusion is lifted from their crass encrusted arrogant ego filled self indoctrinated eyes.

    Hey Brian

    When are you going to live up to your so called churchlessness, bunch of two bit two faced frauds.

    I'm looking for this non fundamentalist, non dogmatic, non bile spewing rhetoric, and non underhanded disinformation that you supposed to be the champion of, yet you so freely allow the rank and file antithesis free reign by some of your self indoctrinated, underhand, disillusioned, deluded, non free thinkers on here.

    I am challenging you to let this war of attrition rip through this place unencumbered, c'mon be a big boy now and not the chicken shit coward that you and some of your so called free thinking deluded punk ass ex disciples pretend to be.

    I'm challenging you to show your non denominational churchless free thought principles to get as good as some of your punk ass ego rife indoctrinated pricks like to give on here.

    You reckon you have anything fundamentally sound going here, wrong you are, you got a bunch of disillusioned abysmally self indoctrinated bile spewing underhanded vipers, spitting poisonous misinformation as some rank crass underhand agenda because they, like you, have not the balls nor the humility nor the basic spiritual insight or openness to appreciate or understand truth from where it emanates.

    Purely because you have become so far removed from it by means of your highly indoctrinated ego fed intellectual incapacity you allow the blind arrogant punk ass venomous vipers free reign to spit and spew their misinformed disinformation bile without censure, yet those who you punk ass pricks like to gang up on, those with some sincere inherent clarity of vision and purity, you freely allow your scum indoctrinated junkie groupies in here to run rough shod over unencumbered.

    C'mon let the war of attrition suffice, let your ill begotten sons of malformed bile get their just deserts, you allow them freedom of indoctrinated agenda filled arrogant egocentric venomous bile, then allow the other, c'mon be bigger than you are, I dare you to be brave for once in your life.

    You the author of Life is Fair, let the equal equivalent of misinformed arrogant indoctrination be handled and tackled square on. Let them stand and deliver against the barrage of the repercussion to their toxic waste filth. I'll take these punk ass prick disciples of yours down with the very same venom and hatred they spew out in all of their malfunctioning egotist arrogance.

    I'm willing to take a little side bet over here, you ain't got the balls for it, you going to chicken out just like you did all along, all your life, you going to chicken out again. You won't allow the same latitude to the other free thinkers in the circumference, yet you will harbor and cajole and encourage the garbage crass crap sick fundamentalist filth to continue here unabated.

    You two bit, two faced, two timing, chicken shit fraudulent liar that you are.

    C'mon I dare you to take this challenge of ideological warfare on, its you punk ass crass disinformation garbage protagonists that spew it out with all your filthy venom you can muster, now get it back, with interest, I dare you, I challenge you, I encourage you to be a man for once and let this cookie crumble, let the games begin.

    C'mon free thinking icon, be the free thinking churchless self aspiring indoctrinated gurus that you and tAo and tucson and Juan like to think you punk ass pricks are.

    I dare you to leave this post up, but I know already right here in my gut, you garbage spewing junkie deluded pricks don't have the gumption nor the balls for it, I know by morning it will be gone.

    Too bad for y'all cause it was the one possible opportunity for you to start to realize exactly what kind of garbage you indoctrinated fools are harboring and aspiring to over here. Too bad for you, some other opportunity is going to have to smack you punks square in the face and get you to catch a mighty about turn non indoctrinated open minded wake up call.
    these neurotic neuroscientific existentialist nothing seekers are so stuck inside their self proclaimed nowhere neurosis they cannot see the end of their noses, let alone any wood for any trees.

    Good God almighty what a superfluous exercise in absolutely nonentity nothingness, going about convincing themselves they don't exist.

    Empty clanging vessels making a whole lot of fuss and bother racket about absolutely bugger all nothing whatsoever.
    Hell hath no fury like a disciple scorned by his own minds lack of humility or love

    poor sad sack loveless creature

    its been a long, long time coming
    gonna be a long, long time gone.

    but you know the darkest hour is always just before the dawn.
    All talk is a whole lot of cockamamie bullshit at the best of times

    wanna go round and round in circles keep on talking, and worse still believe all the cockamamie bull you talk yourself into

    Just a whole heap of garbage really all this highfalutin horn blowing about sweet f'all.

    Saints aren't into talk like these rigmarole horn blowers round here are, they into the real McCoy, none of this highfalutin heap of cockamamie cock n bull story doing the rounds round here.
    Tongue in cheek sarcasm might not be all that far from the truth, careful it don't sneak up on you and bite your illustrious delusional highfalutin ass.
    Not only are this lot a bunch of pseudo backtrack fraudulent rats but worst of the lot of it is that they too damn chicken to face the music when its turned up a notch.

    I've never witnessed such cowardice in all of my life, this place supposed to be a haven for all free thinkers and the minute you get somebody challenging their holy f'ng indoctrination they run like the two bit chicken shit cowards they are and opt for the ban button.

    Two bit fraudulent Scheisters thats all they are in here, no other term or word can possibly describe this highfalutin bunch of fraudulent prats.
    So you finally decided you are not big enough for the ask

    Got to put it to you I kind of knew it all along you just a coward, not a real participator in truth seeking at all.

    Thats exactly why you ditched your sojourn to perfection, except its plain to see, even your own skepticism will not outlast the pure lure of true spiritual yearning, in spite of yourself you will be brought to the realization, once all this song and dance about your own importance gets washed down the toilet, you will come to realize exactly what you haven't had the courage to face in all your 30 odd years of self righteous indiscipline.
    Some these people need a scape goat for their own inadequacy.

    They look for a reason to remove the focal point from their own shortcoming and this is why they look outside of themselves for stupid vague reasons for others to assume or believe them to be evolved or enlightened.

    They are none of the sort, they haven't even begun to tread their path, that is ANY path whatsoever, you can call it whatever name you damn wish to call it, it bears absolutely no significance on the fact that unless you get your mind at rest, that is turned inward from its debilitating fluctuating exasperated state of sense driven dissipation, and bring it to a focal point of concentration and fix it in a higher vibrational mode of elevation, you can talk and think and delude yourself till the cows come home, but you ain't been anywhere nor done anything of any significant spiritual evaluation whatsoever.

    They just love to idolize and drown in ideology about this path or that, but they have lost the simple focus of wtf its all about, they trying to bang on their own exalted egocentric drum about how important their ideology or self centered purpose for their feeble existence is when all they should be doing is trying to get past their own big toe and elevate their own impure consciousness off from the very floor of their grandiose state of illusion.

    So over here its about who is who in which zoo, not about getting the hell off your indoctrinated self righteous fallacious floor of zero aspirated consciousness. They look to knit pick and find fault in every possible avenue out there instead of fixing their own blinded gaze on the very thing that needs absolute attention, their very own emaciated poor forlorn and debilitated lack of spiritual evolution.

    Like a bunch of slaves stuck in a cage all pointing out how feeble the free men of the world are when they are stuck like rats in hole of self righteousness and delusion.
    I said my pieces now

    I sure hope you leave them up for all to see what a sham bunch of indoctrinated illusory infatuation is the order of the day around here

    Anybody looking for Truth, this ain't the place to find it

    So long.
    [Oh, Ashy, this comment of yours preceded all the others. Guess you loved to hate the Church of the Churchless so much, you couldn't stay away. I think someone actually is attracted to churchlessness and isn't willing to admit it yet. -- Brian]

    1. Brian is okay. his personal thoughts and feeings are normally what we think. but we are too scared to question.

    2. Good God almighty what a superfluous exercise in absolutely nonentity nothingness, going about convincing themselves they don't exist.

      I agree with you. The SELF is self evident.

    3. I'd really dislike meeting this person. I'm not sure I've ever heard such venom and hatred. He sounds like a crazed lunatic, who would go on a murderous killing spree. Just disagree with something he has to say.
      I haven't heard anything about what his beliefs are yet. Just absolute, wild abandon-unleashing hate. Demonic.

  2. Got some fresh comment hate mail from Ashy today. He hasn't learned how to post his rants directly on this blog, so my compassionate Buddha-nature is leading me to help him out. Here's the new offerings on the I Hate Church of the Churchless! front.
    F'ng cowards, thats what you fuckers are, the bunch of you, I see you wiped my 3 blogs clear on the other thread huh Brian, even though they were too damn close to the Life is Fair truth for your chicken shit cowardly liking, you underhand little smug faced prick, you and your snotty little coward punk groupie tAo over here.
    Yeah you f'ng feeble freak, you chickened out again you underhand second grade fraudulent swine.
    No thanks I prefer to continue my rants right here where it matters, right here on the I hate the RSSB gurus and all their fundamentalist disciples blog, this is the venue where it cuts, or should cut both ways, how many more blogs you like to start, why don't you chicken shit cowards, you and tAo and all your other little happy clappy delinquent fundamentalists stand and deliver your anti sentiments right here like you been doing all along and get your just deserts right smack bang where you been asking for them.

    Unless you still too feeble chicken to get as good as you give, you underhand smug faced rank cowardly nest of venomous back biting vipers.
    Yeah one thing you got right you cowardly underhand self righteous arrogance induced indoctrinated rat is that Life is in fact Fair, so fair it is that you get all your garbage filled rotten skunk arrogance back in full force, maybe even with some interest attached.
    You can't handle criticism so you pull your little chicken shit stunt and pretend its because you want to keep your sanctimonious little happy clappy back slapping mutually indoctrinated society antithesis club going over here, meanwhile back at the ranch the only reason you spread these fictitious self righteous sanctimonious lies about me or RSSB or anyone that don't suck up to your rank arrogant infantile ego ridden delinquency, is because your puny little dogma ridden fundamentalist ego simply cannot handle the challenge, you run, duck and hide like the chicken shit coward you have always been, and continue to be, even up to this fine day.

    Put that in your sanctimonious garbage ridden smug faced pipe and smoke on it hard.
    [I think the last line is my favorite, from a Rant literary standpoint. The imagery is good, a "smug faced pipe." Otherwise, I'd say that the stream of consciousness insults seem a bit excessively emotional. Blending in some philosophical profanity would raise the Rant Level Quality up a notch or two. Keep at it, Ashy. Practice makes perfect.]

  3. Anonymous, it is indeed interesting that Ashy, who tirelessly advocates for Sant Mat fundamentalism (Radha Soami Satsang Beas version) is so hateful in preaching his "path of love." Seemingly this paradox would be apparent to him. But I guess not.

    If I was trying to get people to adopt my religious or spiritual path, I'd want to show them how it has made me a better person. Yet Ashy is demonstrating that many years of Sant Mat meditation and other spiritual practices do one thing, at least: produce a prodigious capacity for profanity, insults, and hate speech.

    Here's his newest offerings to the I Hate Church of the Churchless! collection plate, which I received today:
    Brian you talk crap

    just get out of your indoctrinated arrogant egotistic crap hole and get real

    before you find out when its a little too late..fool.
    These two faced punks over here talk a whole lotta garbage crass crap and they go ahead and believe it, each and every one of the snob nosed little underhand creeps like this f'ckadilly fool tAo and his schmuckaby baby cohort tucson led by the snot nosed asshole delinquent chicken shit creep of the triumvirate Brian, the snake in the grass rat that cannot stomach some straight out critique yet he spews his ego fed crass rife dogma willy nilly and allows others the same latitude long as it gets regurgitated and approved by the snot nosed delinquency status quo if and whereby it bolsters their own falsified notions that they are ratified in their 'up their own backside' delusional grandeur thinking.

    Punks of a garbage feather flocking together like the underhand indoctrinated fraudulent rattle snake punk ass vipers they are.

  4. And lets get one thing straight

    this has absolutely nothing to do with RSSB vs you bunch of delinquent rubbish churchless fuckadilly fool punk asses

    No self respecting spiritual seeker would stoop to these levels in taking you aggrandized schmuck ass pontificated pricks on as I am doing here, it would be to their correct minds an exercise in absolute futility, a pure waste of valuable resources, both spiritual and mundane to attempt to get you scumbags to see any wood for any trees.

    This is purely between me, myself and I, and you, that is my ego, vs yours.

    The spiritual Guru's have rightly admonished intellectual ego rife wrangling across the internet of this nature, and for very sound spiritual reasons.

    So get it absolutely straight, I do not represent RSSB here, I represent my own fallible individual ego standing square on in antagonistic defiance against your rank crass aggrandized holier than thou punk ass sanctimony.

    This has absolutely zero to do with RSSB or its representation, this is solely between me and you, capiche.

  5. To the mentally disturbed person who calls himself Ashy:

    A. If you are really an RS satsangi, you should be terribly ashamed of yourself for behaving in such a sick, low-life and despicable manner towards other fellow spiritual aspirants and human beings.

    B. You may try to say that you do not represent the RSSB, but your behavior does indeed reflect very poorly upon both the RSSB and Sant Mat.

    C. The manner in which other people conduct their own personal spiritual practices and paths is absolutely none of your business.

    D. The opinions and subject matter that other people (like Brian) express and write about on their own personal Blogs is none of your business to deprecate in such a foul and baseless manner.

    E. The opinions and the manner in which other people may choose to regard or judge various spiritual teachers (including RS 'masters') is also none of your business.

    F. Last but not least, you are clearly very angry and disturbed - no doubt a mentally and emotionally ill individual. You really ought to go seek some professional mental health and psychiatric help. The ugly manner and fanatical degree that you express yourself, indicates that you do have some serious mental and emotional problems.

  6. we have resident psychoanalysts on here now too

    I give these fuckadilly pigfucks exactly the medicine they like to dish out, so you don't like it Mr. goody two shoes anonymous, too sorry sad bad for you too.

    1. I say, "how much does it cost to keep a horse in the country?"

      Radha Soami

    2. Why is the horse interested?

  7. Brian knows as does his spiritual Master exactly what cuts where and how deep

    He may deny the truth till all eternity, don't for a second diminish it one iota.

    If he's looking to ratify and endorse his own lack of insight or lack of capacity for truth or for love by way of getting other disillusioned seekers who could likewise not appreciate nor experience the depths of the teachings that they could not follow out of their own baseless intellectual preconditioning to bolster his fallacy, then it is only his inability and his fundamental flaw, who the hell are they to deny and discredit truth because they are incapacitated to recognize it.

    Notwithstanding all my admonishments and harsh criticism of these anti truth seekers the fact of the matter is that santmat most definitely does not need a puny insignificant individual such as myself to try stand up and defend it, it stands perfectly capable and sufficient in ts own perfection and capacity by its own principles and experiences, by those who follow its teachings accurately and to the true depths of its core and appreciable understanding.

    The fact that some seed falls on rocky or infertile ground and others are fortunate enough to take root without as much consternation as those who have this rank indoctrinated arrogance and intellect to deal with, is simply the way the karmic cookie crumbles, and anonymous is quite correct in this regard, it is actually none of my business whether they need to rat and snake their underhanded way around a system they decry purely because they themselves are so emphatically unfit for its lofty teachings and ideals.

    1. Hey Ashy,

      Well, I am few years late on this, and am trying to read comment by comment.

      (Trying - as there is a lot written._

      From Sant Mat perspective. I had posted this on the Church... blog as well, that what ever brain and gang who say they dont follow sant mat are doing is - simran.

      god does not say only praise me, he says ' remember me'

      sakhi (story) : disciples went to their guru and said there are few who praise you but there are many who also talk ill of you.

      saint said. i am fine with those who praise, i am also fine with those who criticize, i am worried about those who dont do either :)

    2. Tiya kaur, perfect reply!��

  8. The wailing chant of the Ashy Jihad:

    "baah baah baah,
    snivel snivel snivel,
    baah baah baah"

    "pissy pissy pissy,
    poop poop poop,
    pissy pissy pissy"

    "waah waah waah,
    wimper wimper wimper,
    waah waah waah"

  9. Ashy,

    Dude you are providing the perfect example of the fundamentalist Indoctrinated mindset. Without self-knowledge of living up to the examples and precepts of the path of the masters, you castigate those of differing opinions.

    I HAVE walked the talk. I do come from practice and personal experience. I've had the sound for as long as I can remember. I've 'risen' above body consciousness. I've had the 'spiritual' experiences.

    Your picking out Brian and others who have walked away from 'the path' is nothing more then a personal vendetta.

    You don't like it that they have challenged the path....What makes it worse for you is that they are doing this from personal experience. They aren't outsiders...but former practioners who found reason to question.

    This must make it extremely hard for you if you want to believe the path is correct even if you aren't able to practice and live up to its precepts. Perhaps you want to think...'hey its true and if I was actually able to do what it said I would be happy and at peace.'

    Now, having said that... I will say that the path HAS helped some people find purpose and peace of mind....but so have many other paths and religions. And in fairly similar ways and for similar reasons.

    I didn't find Sant mat as dangerous as many fundamentalist church's and groups. (at least the sant mat I was associated with) We were a peaceful non-invasive group trying to live what we thought was the spiritual life. But then you have to take into account the Thakar Singhs, the succession disputes... and the whole diatribe against thinking and the mind. You see the incredible susceptability for misuse and abuse that is INDOCTRINATED into the follower.

    There is room for much improvement in 'the path of the masters'.

    A True 'Science' of the soul... MUST be open to all questioning and critique... ALWAYS. If it gives that up even for a second then it ceases to be a science and becomes a dogma.

    You can't bash down all critiques and questions.... That kind of activity is only going to cause MORE critiques and questions.. not less. You aren't a soldier fighting the good fight in the cause of Sant Mat.

    YOu are playing the game ... and instead of making the points you WISH to make... you are making the points of those you oppose... FOR THEM.

    Kinda like Michael Martin (a disciple of Charan Singh who claims to be the Sat guru for the western world) does..... If you get my drift.

    It may make you feel good to bash away at those who question the path......but basically all you are saying is that you are angry at those who would question the path. HO HUM... Join the club of billions who don't like it when their religion or faith is questioned.

    The path itself is quilty of bashing other religions and belief systems (almost every religion and belief system if quilty of this).... as ineffective and inferior, dangerous and delusional. Do you have anything to say about 'the path's' treatment of these other belief sytems?

    My name is Wes Sherman (aka WayOutWesley).... I'm posting as Anonymous because that was the account choice that I picked from the list. (this is my only post so far, so don't confuse mine with the other Anonymous posts)

  10. Wesley Sherman
    Nice to make your acquaintance

    I don't think you quite get the picture of what exactly is going down around here, this war of attrition between me and some these hoity toity, aristocrat, non free thinking illusionists who somehow need to bolster their emphatic delusional states of disillusionment by waging a war of misinformed disinformation on everything they like to discredit and gang up on, like the prissy little coward underhand delinquents they are, should be put in perspective.

    Firstly let me make it quite clear, I take this stand purely out of my own volition and from my own volatile non enlightened position, I do not take this stand as a member or representative of any organization or spiritual or religious group in this situation whatsoever.

    Any upstanding sincere and spiritually inclined true seeker after truth would not be partaking in such dire crass outright dogmatic war of words with a bunch of scoundrel underhand pitiful snakes in the grass disillusioned ex disciples.

    My antagonism towards these underhand junkie jerk freaks, for want of a better description, is in direct and consequential reaction to their rank outright egotist laden high handed filthy fictitious lies that they feel they can freely disseminate across cyberspace at will.

    Well due to their rank cowardly inability to deal with me in open forum discussion, they have now tried to resort to castigating and creating a pariah type of insinuation where I become the fundamentalist outcast and this little prissy bunch of deluded schmuck ass snot nosed creeps think they somehow smell of roses.

    My sole and only purpose in continuing this incessant war of wills and egos against this deluded bunch of prats is to show up the utter fake and phony deluded state of so called superior high ground 'rationalized free thinking understanding' that they try and clamor to usurp.

    Due to my absolutely not buying hook line and sinker into their baseless heap of deluded indoctrinated arrogant trash, they close ranks and use the scapegoat antic and try make a pariah Judas out of somebody they simply have not the balls nor gumption to deal with face to face.

    A truly enlightened teacher or even an advanced disciple would never get embroiled in such a baseless bunch of useless reactionary war of words and ideology with such arrogance indoctrinated fools, but would rather steer the thinking towards more lofty principles, ideals and considerations.

    However my response and reaction to this very insignificant bunch of fools is meted exactly square on in direct antithesis to their own inane harbinger style of underhanded dogmatic rhetoric that is so freely allowed unencumbered free to air baseless disinformation and blazoned across their so called 'free thinking' churchless website.

    This is the background to this little spat of highfalutin war of words over here.

    Now to get down to the endemic disorder.

    What you have over here, if you care to study the psychology of the make up of this tiny infantile collection of 'chip on the shoulder' disillusioned illusionists, is a very small core group (maybe 3 or 4 highly frustrated ex spiritual seekers) who for want of some sincere downright humility and clarity of vision came up against their own encrusted lack, their own debauched and fragmented rank rife arrogant egotism in themselves, and in so doing made an about turn in their quest and as is so fundamentally common in your fast food junkie Americanized way of doing things, started biting the very hand that fed their souls growth from inception.

    I find the rank debauched arrogance induced false self aggrandizement which seems to me to be so fundamentally rife in your holier than thou, over educated, highly intellectually indoctrinated American society, actually a pitiful state of absolute self idolizing deceptive insanity, this is why you get so many of you intellectually indoctrinated creeps setting themselves up as some kind of pastor or spiritual leaders or Guru's in their own right over there. Just exactly as Brian Hines has set himself up as some free thinking churchless pastor or preacher over here.

    They have not even begun on the true quest or true path to understanding, or to freeing their thinking, their encrusted egotist blinded delusion so shrouds any form of clarity of thought or clarity of vision that they now purport to exacerbate the very core of spirituality to the point of vague baseless feeble insane useless nothingness, or in their terminology, no-thing-ness, same bunch of hogwash bullshit, just another depraved idiotic way of putting it.

    So the crux of the issue, if there is a crux at all, is simply that I abhor rank outright debauched arrogant egotism, and when I see it in all its naked indoctrinated aristocratic highfalutin aggrandized debauchery, I let fly with as much if not more volatile aggression towards that very source of the aggression which is their own insane depraved blinded arrogance that is portrayed and blazoned in absolute unashamed hypocritical falsity.

    Perhaps you catch my drift hereby, perhaps you don't. Perhaps some these underhanded over aggrandized creeps get to see just a little bit about themselves and exactly what it is they portray and what they are championing and standing for over here, and then again, perhaps they don't.

  11. Not-so-anonymous Wes, good points. Like you said, every time Ashy launches into a hate-filled profane rant, it makes a churchless point:: fundamentalism breeds anger, judgmentalism, and closed-mindedness.
    --Non-anonymous Brian

  12. Dear Ashy,

    Good to make your aquaintence as well.

    I really don't see this the way you do here. What it looks like to me is a LOT of projection of motives without any evidence to back that up.

    Please be specific as to the exact "... rank outright egotist laden high handed filthy fictitious lies" they are saying.

    I mean this is a lot a adjectives all stacked together.... I think it takes away from your points when you go that far.

    "What you have over here, if you care to study the psychology of the make up of this tiny infantile collection of 'chip on the shoulder' disillusioned illusionists, is a very small core group (maybe 3 or 4 highly frustrated ex spiritual seekers) who for want of some sincere downright humility and clarity of vision came up against their own encrusted lack, their own debauched and fragmented rank rife arrogant egotism in themselves, and in so doing made an about turn in their quest and as is so fundamentally common in your fast food junkie Americanized way of doing things, started biting the very hand that fed their souls growth from inception."

    From what authority can you possible make the above statement? You've already admitted that you aren't enlightened.. yet this very paragraph claims enlightened knowledge. How could you possibly know what specifically feeds anyone souls... or even whether anyone has a soul or not for that matter?

    It sounds like you are railing against your own 'projected' motives for these individuals. How can you be so sure that this is the case for these people and not something else?

    I know from my own experience that questions arise, that we can move away from prior beliefs as we learn more. There's nothing necessarily egotistical in that.

    Everyone can use a good ego-check periodically. My wife gives me one on an almost continuous basis..LOL

    Wes Sherman

  13. Hey Brian,

    When you see that kind of venom and vitriol on a pretty much continuous basis.... then you begin to see that most of it is for show.


    Sorry Ashy, but that's the way it looks to me.

    Show me something different and I might change my mind... but so far you are your own worst enemy in these discussions.

    Maybe you just need to change 'angles' and try to make your points from a different direction.

    Lose the invective or at least cut back on the adjectives....... Really, too much, hurts your arguments and takes away from your points.


  14. well I see tAo piling in here as one of the 'anonymous' rattle snakes in the post preceding the last one with his customary knit picking nonentity deceptiveness.

    show or not, reality of this whole little exercise over here is this bunch of fools are looking to ratify their conglomerate incapacity to see truth for what it is in the simple clear light of day, they are so up their own indoctrinated arrogance filled intellectual snotty high opinion of themselves, they fail to see the very simple reality about what any true teaching encapsulates, and thus they go on this incessant crusade to attempt to discredit the very truth they were weaned on, I have yet to witness or meet a more depraved and non appreciative bunch of deluded self aggrandized bunch of arrogant self opinionated prats anywhere on this planet, call yourselves free thinkers, you couldn't be anywhere further from the truth.

    Ever see a free thinker talk as much utter garbage claptrap trash as some these ass wipes, never in your godforsaken life.

  15. Mirdad puts it pretty succinctly, you cannot put it much simpler than this

    We live that we may learn to love

    We love that we may learn to live

    No other lesson is required of man/woman.

    All this other hogwash hullabaloo is a pure waste of feeble inconsequential claptrap garbage ego maniacal delusional nonentity.

  16. You don't need to be an authority on the matter to recognize outright unbridled rank self centered blind arrogance, it sticks out at you like a rife sore over inflated aggrandized thumb.

    You really think this little shenanigan would be playing out here if rank rife egotism was not the order of the day on this so called venue for truly unbiased free thinkers.

    Please catch a goddamn wake up, you bunch of godforsaken, high and mighty, up your own illusion, delusional, self infatuated, self opinionated, self seeking, arrogant snouts.

  17. ashy asserts: "they fail to see the very simple reality about what any true teaching encapsulates"

    what true teaching is that?

    ashy asserts: "and thus they go on this incessant crusade to attempt to discredit the very truth they were weaned on"

    and what "truth" were "they were weaned on"?

    how could you know that others were "weaned on" something?

    not everyone derives from a "teaching".

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Yeah, I know...I said I wasn't going to post any more of Ashy's comments -- the South African initiate of Radha Soami Satsang Beas who loves to leave insulting rants on my blog, showing how much good his "spiritual disciplines" have done him. But today's rant deserves to be placed on I Hate Church of the Churchless. I liked how Ashy adopts the Christian fear of God, and practices his "Path of Love" with such hate. Here's his latest rant:
    Typical how Brian the great sage of churchlesness will honor and cajole and invoke the glorious sanctimony of his right hand punk the prick of all pricks, tAo the bleating little sheep, as his effervescent mouthpiece, yet in all of his critical, skeptical, 'free thinking', analysis, he will bow to the paranoia, and fear ridden lack that pervades and cripples any hope of any freedom of thought that is actually the dogmatic fundamentalist bullshit that encapsulates the foundation of this hickey little cluster of lost sad farts, and emanates throughout the crippled debilitated minds of this paranoid bunkum believing circus crowd of phony false freaks that call themselves the 'Cult of Churchlesness'.

    No sad hope for you poor sorry sad sods whatsoever, that is until the Guru that took you under his wing for reasons only he knows takes pity on your lost deluded debilitated souls, and sets you free from all this procrastinating, analytical, mind crippling, paranoid, clap trap skepticism that holds you clasped fast in its iron like vice grip of disillusioned, denying delusion.

    Your unfree soul awaits that day of emancipated liberation in eager anticipation, lets hope its not too far off.

    Thank God for the Guru, because without him you would not have a sorry sad hope in hell.

  20. OK I see you fixed it, good, we wouldn't want to paint any pictures any more falsely than they are already. now would we?

  21. So this is your free thinking champion right here Brian Hines, this the epitome of your 'churchless free thought enlightenment' right here above.

    These are the kind of dumb ass fool delinquents you surround yourself with as your brothers in arms in your quest for unadulterated truth, right here on your churchless irreverence blog.

    This is the kind of idiot who reveres himself to be holier than holy, more enlightened than those who teach real honest to goodness truth.

    These are the kind of punk eyed ego riddled impostors that Brian Hines likes to call his friends. I guess like attracts like in the end.

    And you wonder why I see right through your false, self seeking, self idolizing, ego riddled ideological clap trap garbage heap that you so fondly cling to as your haven for rational 'free' thought.

    You are so far removed from anything 'free' it is not even a joke anymore, you have a severe malady running through your self righteous intoxicated brains, the both of you, maybe the entire self idolizing, arrogance deluded, truth maligning lot of you, and it shows, all over your self righteous, sanctimonious blog of yours.

    This malady, this disease you call free thinking is in fact your grossly obsessed self esteem arrogance that is so emphatically steeped in its own self righteous importance you have not an iota, a minute whisker of a clue about anything truthful or free or real or enlightening at all, whatsoever.

    You Brian, and your indoctrinated little dumb ass self idolizing groupie cohort disciples are so emphatically distant from anything remotely aligned to truth or freedom of thought or uplifted consciousness, it is not even vaguely associated with anywhere near here, quite emphatically in the opposite direction from truth is this place, this I have to sincerely inform you.

    These principles you champion are just too far removed from any of your cockeyed attributes, you are riddled with blighted arrogance to the extent that your inept disciples mirror your very ideals you cherish, and this post above here is the perfect example of the type lost deluded disciples and indoctrinated groupies you have sucking up to your infatuated high opinion of yourselves.

    I have no need to say much more on the subject.

    I came to this blog site thinking there were some sincere seekers after truth resident hereabouts. After the trash and inconsequential garbage I have read and witnessed getting thrashed about in the name of unbiased free thinking, I am sorry to inform you that not a one of you have anything valuable to impart at all. I honestly suggest you should be categorically and exceptionally ashamed of yourselves, you and your self indoctrinated groupie disciples, each and every last self righteous, self seeking, deluded one of you.

  22. dear miss ashy,

    why u talk bad and criticise other satsangi? why u not listen to ur master and do what he sez? u r make the shame for radha soami beas and our babaji. good satsangi not act like u. what sangat u r belonging to? plz leave satsangi and seeker alone. u make the troubles.

  23. dear anonymous

    you are quite right, I am not good satsangi
    I am bad satsangi that like to fight with all coward satsangi that pretend they know everything which they hold in their intellect mind when really they know absolutely nothing at all, so I fight, I know its not right, but if snake come hiss behind your back, best bet is to just cut his hissing head right off.

    Sorry. maybe guru forgive me for being a fighter for truth, maybe not.

  24. dear ashy,

    the snake is you ashy. the head of the snake is ur own big angry ego. u say other satsangis are coward. but they not fighting u. u r make the troubles against them. if u have the true faith in ur master, then u not need make fight wth anyone. the hissing snake is you. so u shud cut off ur own hissing head. u say ur guru maybe forgive u. ur guru not forgive u because u not have faith and u not follow ur guru. ur the big hissing snake and so ur guru will cut ur head off. u shud apologise 2 all satsangis and 2 ur guru. i see i read all bad stuff u did rite. ur guru not like what u doing. do u care? u say ur bad satsangi. u r not bad satsangi. ur no satsangi. no satsangi doz like u do. u make bad for all satsangis.

  25. That is correct I am no satsangi, I am manmukh like all other hissing snake manmukh that come together and spit poison on internet blog site, I too am manmukh hissing snake that bare fangs to bite and spit poison.

    So if all the manmukh hissing snake in internet basket want to bite and spit poison, we all manmukh spit together, bare fangs and bite together, then we see which manmukh hissing snake poison is stronger than the next in the end.

    At end of all hissing and spitting poison, Guru will cut head off anyway, no problem, let him cut, it is better to be without manmukh hissing snake head than to spit poison like all manmukh hissing snake do on this website day in and day out.

    So I hiss and spit same poison they spit till they learn to stop biting, Guru can cut my head anytime he like.

  26. I'm not a member of the Churchless or RSSB.

    Brian, Love your site and the topics you freely share.

    To Ashy: Wow! You have one foul mouth spewing forth venom and negativity like none I've ever heard by someone claiming to be a "devotee" of "Truth, Love, and Peace." Can you spell "hate/anger is a passion of the mind."

    I think they have special rooms in hospitals for people like you...and they also provide special clothing and meds for wackos like you.

    Reading your rants is enough to stop a person from EVEN wanting to read ONE book by RSSB, let alone give the organization or your guru any serious consideration as a spiritual path of enlightenment or truth.

    If you are any indication of what ex-satsangis of RSSB are subjected to...well, you are really a sicko! And you only reinforce the righteousness in them leaving the group!

    Brian, I haven't joined the Churchless group discussions, but I read your posts frequently, and thoroughly enjoy the freedom of viewpoints expressed and explored on Churchless.

    It's refreshing to not be bogged down with the dogmatic bullcrap that seems to go along with the GIHF paths in the world. I used to be a member of such a group. HAPPY to be Free and Churchless!

  27. Dear Sir,

    Please come back into the Light buddy.

    You are welcome anytime. May I humbly suggest "Bhagavad-Gita As It Is" by Prabhupada as a starting point?

    good luck on your journey back to Sach Khand- but please don't mislead the souls who really do want to go back. Kal Mind has really played her trıcks upon u sır!

  28. Ashy, my friend, if we want to make our point across, we first must select a language which has power to convey the message. Swearing does not get a positive message. I hope the Lord will support your view across in a positive light. Brian is not the enemy; he is doing a great job for mankind. Please let him continue what he does and lets us all support him with words of encouragement. We all are singing from same hymn sheet.

    Our mind is our true enemy. The mind projects evil into the world and we can perceive evil because our mind wear the evil sun glasses. Thank you Ashy, please find peace from within.

  29. Anonymous peace from within.

    August 18, 2009 12:54 PM

    You say Brian is not the enemy, enemy of what of who, of himself, of me, or of you?

    You say such despicable acts of cowardly hypocrisy is not the act of a delusional mind, then what is?

    You see, or you fail, or prefer not to see the lengths to which such degenerative deceiving cowardly acts and words and thoughts that these with ulterior denigrating disinformation agendas expound, to attempt to deny, decry, defy and detestify any validity, and authenticity of a truth that they in all their debilitating egocentric self infused blindness fail to see, is neither the enemy nor the paranoid blind men in their falsified bluff leading the blind, then what is?

    Yes the MIND is the enemy, these hifaluting indoctrinated fools, are in fact the agents, the concubines, the diabolically infused and engulfed disciples of this MIND, themselves.

    They have no eyes with which to see with, nor ears by which to hear with, nor any sight or rationality by which to 'know' with, yet they decry truth, life, understanding, like vultures on the wing circling the carcass of their dead forlorn hopeless state of decaying decrepit egocentric dispicable diseminating lie, this ego mind, this self deluded intoxicated desease riddled malaise of conditioned blindness, as their god of reason, their false idol of self centered falsity, as the lenses of their self delusionary infatuated false perception.

    And yet they purport to 'know' any thing, what a fragmented disjointed debilitated joke is this so called 'free knowledge' they expound.

    Not even by a whisker of their puffed up arrogant pride do they happen to 'know' any simple little thing at all.

    In fact quite the opposite is their absolute degenerative lack of any 'knowledge' or understanding. These deluded self righteous fraudulent imposters are the epitome of any knowledge whatsoever, these fools are the mentally debilitated practitioners of the ravaged antics of their self deluded feeble falsified indoctrinated minds.

    Not an iota of clarity is reached in these halls of intellectual antithesis to knowing or understanding, not even a meagre morsel of true free thinking sustainance is achieved through the dire debilitating antics of the arrogantly debauched self righteous mind that parades around these toxically infested corridors of so called 'free thinking'.

    If you see any 'free thought' parading anywhere around here, then I am afraid I would have to attest that any who purport to see any such 'freedom of thought' or 'expression of truth' or knowledge or understanding in such aggrandized ravaged halls of iniquitous vainglory, are unfortunately themselves the slaves and absolutely conditioned disciples of this godforsaken deluded self centered intoxicated insidious MIND.

  30. God is forgiveness, dare to foregive and God will be with you. Love and do not fear.

  31. The Excellent Most High Master Sri Swami Master BubaNovember 4, 2009 at 11:27 PM

    (In a Jeffrey Steingarter tone) This is by far the funniest thing I've ever read on the Internet.

  32. No hate, just sadness
    A rope is lowered to help the struggling, but instead of holding on to the rope, questions about the rope, the motives, the reasons, the whys and wherefores are asked. Finally the rope is even forgotten, just a faint memory is all that remains. Brian, what did the master take from you that leaves you so bitter? He has only given, it is your quiet right not to take, but to then persecute seems so uncalled for.

  33. Hey anonymous dickhead of Nov.18 11:03 PM here above who the hell you think you are? You need a good goddamn hiding, and I reckon its on its way to you as sure as nature made em little green apples, your arrogance gonna get its just rewards straight back at your schmuck assed attitude. Absolutely without a doubt.

  34. Hey anonymous of Nov 18 11.03, how you doing tAo?
    Your style is as unique as Ashy's response.
    Byt tAo, you should learn the value of an analogy, it really will help your understanding of some texts. You see, an analogy allows you to substitute objects that you are not familiar with objects with which you are familiar, like say a rope for attachment. Its really quite simple, and with time, you will get the hang of it Practice and you will find that it will so help your understanding of so many explanations which must currently be a complete mystery to you. It may prevent you getting so worked up and maybe, this little explanation may even prevent you having a heart attack one day. So calm down and learn some basics about analogies, you might even enjoy.

  35. Brian runs this place according to the principle of one rule for commenters and another rule for himself. Brian fails to enter into free and open debate, the moment he doesn't understand something, he calls the commenter a jerk. This is primitive behaviour, and somewhat sad, but hey, do Brian a favour, boost this poor man;s ego, follow along and humour him if you have nothing better to do.

  36. As so often happens, my comments are not being treated at face value, instead, some evil purpose is being assumed. This is not the case.

    In time of grief, we experience a pain that is not normally experienced, it is a deep rooted and powerful feeling, one that disrupts our every action, one that overpowers our senses, and one that even time has difficulty in diluting.

    So, as part of human experience, is there absolutely no interest in this group in discussing and exploring this experience?

    Words of condolence do little towards understanding grief, although I am interested to know if they reduce the level of pain through their expression.

    As a real observable and common experience of life, is there no value in asking and investigating this experience? How would science explain this experience? How does religion explain it?
    Sant Mat uses the image of attachment, like a delicate rope, it has now been broken, and the pain of the break causes the experience of grief.

    Science may talk of brain and memory, of synapses and electrochemical reactions, but I posit that science has a long way to go to explain the deep felt feeling of loss.

    Then logic could be used as a tool, logically the dead no longer exist, this is born out by observation, and often used as an argument against spiritualism, no evidence of life after death! So we do not feel sad for the person who no longer exists, so what is this feeling from a logical perspective? I suggest it it selfishness, for it is not a feeling of compassion or sorrow for anyone else but oneself.

    But perhaps this is a taboo subject, because it is Brian who is feeling this pain, and not some other person?

    if anyone wants to discuss this and Brian feels it is not a topic he wants discussed on his main blog, then lets discuss here
    Any ideas most welcome

  37. I am again giving up ( I come back because the only value that I find are the links to other articles that Brian digs up from time to time),

    I had thought that his blog might have attracted a few interesting and open people, but while there are some who do 'get it' they are not too willing to contribute.

    Brian is as closed an individual as one is likely to find anywhere. He lives in such a closed in world that he will never be able to hold a creative or intelligent conversation ( again, his posts prove his total lack of understanding of the written word, he believes what he wants to believe, regardless of the wording in front of him).

    The moment a comment becomes too threatening he simple deletes, so he can play God in his little world. For those who want this, then of course they have the freedom of choice. Plenty of people do not wish to shatter their illusions, especially of themselves.


  38. Hi BleedingObvious
    This blog is a bit sad, but it is representative of the way most people think, they are closed and conditioned in their thinking, but seem to feel they are open. No wonder it is so often said that this world is nothing but an illusion.
    I have read your posts and I understand that you are only trying to push the boundaries of thought. Brian makes his so utterly stupid remarks that you are a science basher, when your questions hold the most profound elements of scientific enquiry, you are wasting your time with Brian, he is totally unable to see outside of the box he has made for himself.
    My advise, for what its worth, is to not try to lead the blind when they do not want to be led.

  39. A worthwhile listen - quite interesting

  40. I'm amazed at the energy you wa-hoos have expended in jousting with your egos, it's also too bad you couldn't expend the same energy in doing your meditation which would completely take such needs away from you. Oh well,if not this lifetime, maybe the next?

  41. Ruhari Abdullah Sawan SinghMay 25, 2010 at 10:33 PM

    Come on you guys we dont need to swear at each other
    what kind of spiritual people are you -I swear all the time at the
    oppression in this world-apartheid had a good swear at that-
    capitalism still swearing
    really bad mental health policies in most countries
    but what really pisses me off-is
    why doesnt everybody meditate and go home to sach khand eh?
    you know find a guru-get initiated -have darshan-merge into the radiant form-home.Piece of
    Once you are there-god realisation cool-now for the rest of life.
    Have to bloody mad not to search for self realisation-then god realisation.
    Who the f8** wants to come back to this s***heap?
    All f*****n mad if you are attached to this f&&&&&& creation? eh ?

  42. Ruhari Abdullah Sawan SinghMay 25, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    we all need to laugh out loud-as freely -as often and in goodnatured
    rythymic guffaws hahahaha teehee-snorting funnier than before=fart freely love her more dearly!!!!!
    Its clear YOU RANTERS have not subscribed to SAMMADHI.
    Take your ego and shove it.
    Shush moth
    Sit silently intent on silence and humble yourself to the great silence.
    Fart freely if you must-but do not lose the centredness.
    Rant not loud negation but silently say a prayer of love in meditation.
    Know we are nothing.
    Know we are complete oceans of god in potential.
    Know you are loved by the divine.
    Know you to be the vessel of the living shabd the immortal quintessence of Tao the kalma the irrepressible comedy of transcendent reality-
    You are gods eyes and ears his tongue his teeth -ALL is GODS
    Now cry all the tears of sadness and diseased thinking
    Let it all go -
    Silently weep the tears of time from your child self
    Fart freely if you have to-but come back to the centre of the music of the spheres.
    Meditate on this great truth
    this feeling of lightness
    this awareness of freedom
    Within your closed eyes is the mansions of the father
    Within your still body and mind is the grand terminus
    Radha Soami Din Dayal
    Laugh your way to heaven -for you are there-and have never left.














    1. I just stopped laughing long enough to comment on this post. Yes Brian, it appears you need some Ex-Lax. Your constipation has done damage to your brain. You need to take a shit and go back to believing there is a little man in India with a turban who will save your soul forever as long as you do what he says. Hahahaha

  44. Here's some comments that I've gotten from Harinder Jadwani:
    I posted on this site [Church of the Churchless] a year or so ago, Brian, and then stopped out of exhaustion at the emptiness, ignorance and endless griping of your followers about the supposed shortcomings of Sant Mat. Rather than address the inexhaustible snipes and gripes of you and your cult - the BRIAN HINES CULT – which you now openly admit is the object of your abject admiration and concern, if your numerous websites did not already serve as advertisements to your vanity), let me just comment on one of your genuine grievances – the ongoing ‘no-show’ of the internal Master.

    So long as you prattle on about the shortcomings of RSSB, so long as you insult and dishonour the Masters, so long as you swim in the Ocean of your own Vanity, there will never be a show. You do not deserve it, you are not worthy, and you will never be showered with such Grace. All this is well understood by true followers of not only Sant Mat, but any scriptural teaching. Jesus wrote: ‘For whosoever exalts himself, will be Humbled.’

    But this has not stopped legions of Bible-thumpers declaring themselves ‘saved’ because they ‘believe’ in Jesus (never mind his teachings, of course), and threatening non-believers with hell; nor did it stop ‘Christians’ from hating their Jewish neighbours, murdering millions of native Americans and stealing their continent, enslaving millions of Africans, or colonizing tens of millions of other peoples. Ravana is another classic example of someone who was peerless in his learning and intellectual skills, but who could not overcome the flaws of his nature, and was therefore destroyed. All the sophisticated arguments, logic and quotes from educated fools like Hitchens and Dawkins (who, Inshallah, one day I will rebut) only serve to augment your Vanity, and keep you from the simple but quintessential truth that on this path (the path of spirituality) there is one quintessential requisite –humility, without which all the meditation, all the seva is rendered worthless.

    Your years of ‘meditation’(I wonder what you were really meditating on because you never developed inner love, patience, or humility) , ‘seva’ (tainted by your greed for the reward of such seva) were wasted, as were Ravana’s learning of the Vedas. Nothing went in. In Godfather III, a Vatican bishop says: ‘for centuries in Europe, man has been surrounded by Christ, but Christ has not penetrated’. That in a nutshell, is your condition. You were ‘surrounded’by Sant Mat, but Sant Mat did not penetrate, because your undying Vanity, greed for the reward for your efforts, did not allow it to . Prat on with your grievances, griping, proofs of the shortcomings of the RSSB Masters – it matters not a whit to Them, but it will matter to you, in the fullness of time, in which your karma will bear fruit.

    Keep on griping about the no-show, and gloss over your failings, example, unilaterally breaking the promises you made, example by eating egg-whites and drinking alcohol. Your actions will lead you to the place you deserve to go, as it will for the followers of YOUR CULT. Shortcomings in satsangis may well exist – that’s why they are on the path – to improve themselves. But because you or your followers have seen ‘fake humility’ in some satsangis, that does not absolve you of the need to develop it yourself; no more than you would be excused in a court of law for a crime you committed, simply because others had also committed it. Your current ‘philosophy’(though you don’t really understand the meaning of the word) seems to be to live in the moment. That is the reality for you. It will end sooner than you think. Then you will face another reality..... which may be unpalatable.

    1. It it WASN'T for SANT MAT Brian Hines wouldn't even have this website up. I know some people who personally know Brian and they said that Brian Hines, is all about Brian Hines. His website should be called "WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ME or BRIAN HINES"... PURE EGO!!!
      This is just a BIG SHOW for BRIAN, trust me when I tell you this. Brian has had inner visions and LOVES Sant Mat.

  45. More from Harinder Jadwani:


    A final comment. There will always be disgruntled ones in any organization, and perhaps always a Judas for a Jesus, but there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of seekers in Sant Mat, for whom it has been an ongoing source of inspiration, grace, joy and mystical benefit; but you and the followers of your cult seem destined to never enjoy such ethereal things. And you do have a point.

    If you did not experience such things even if your own lack of humility stopped you, it seems reasonable to deny such things could exist. After all, a blind person who has never seen light is justified in arguing it could not possibly exist. That incidentally is in a nutshell the case of Hitchens and Dawkins; but they too, are following their own karma, their own destiny, the script the Unseen Power has written for them, though they know it not.

  46. You get a kick out of this don't you? Calling us ranters, and so er what are you? A ranter too, so hey we do have something in common, but I ain't going to devote my life to it like I'm keeping it short, you might just consider that too - but from some reason I don't you think you will, you seem to fuel on it, well we all turn to cinders some day

  47. Hi, I'm anonymous August 9 2010 and just want to apologise for my comments. I don't know you and your life path is your own so I'm sorry. I also posted a comment around the same date/time on your site as well you might recognise my phrase 'you don't get it do yer' - again I don't know so I have no right to judge you! Enough said.

  48. I am not a beliver of any faith except my own and honestly i cannot beleive any more than a silly religion the actual language of these so called religius people on here. In fact im not so sure that if you god were real he would be ashamed i would hope of the way you carry his words and your self. Its a dissapointment that there are still ignorant people in this world. I fully support the church of the churchless go Brian

    1. We all know that this is you BRIAN creating another FAKE comment... how sad it is that you have to do this.
      This blog is supposed to be for RANTERS not DEFENDERS for the CHURCH of THE CHURCHLESS....

  49. Hi Brian,

    I'm a 20 year old who was nearly brainwashed by the RSSB thing...I read "Path of the Masters", "Science of the Soul", etc, and was considering becoming an initiate, until I read your blog. I had no idea that the 'light and sound' were lies manufactured by the cult. Anyway, I had reservations about the system since day 1 because worshipping a master and traveling through various planes sounded pretty unrealistic. thanks for providing perspective


    1. We all know that this is you BRIAN creating another FAKE comment... how sad it is that you have to do this.
      This blog is supposed to be for RANTERS not DEFENDERS for the CHURCH of THE CHURCHLESS....

    2. We all know that this is you BRIAN creating another FAKE comment... how sad it is that you have to do this.
      This blog is supposed to be for RANTERS not DEFENDERS for the CHURCH of THE CHURCHLESS....

  50. I'm not sure how often you check your comments, but I'm going to post a link to a blog written by a friend of mine and myself. Your opinion on any of the articles would be well appreciated given our mutual feelings on religion.

  51. It must be kept in mind by exsatsangis
    they are dealing with people in a horrible
    cult. People with temporary insanity.

    Hard logic and erudite facts scare satsangis.

    It makes them afraid to come here.

    Until Satsangis fears are released by
    kindness, no logic will ever work.

    Look at these poor satsangis. Just
    look at these poor fellows. What living
    hell they must be in.

    We must remember satsangis are are brothers
    and accept their slings and arrows in order
    to help them.

    Can we hate insane people ?

    Were we not insane once ourselves ?

    We must address their fears with kindness
    and friendship.

    We must give them a glass of warm milk
    with some cookies. We must pat them on
    the head and kiss them on the cheek.

    The satsangi doesn't know it, but the exsatsangi is the best friend they will ever have.

    We are the only ones whom can help them in
    their hour of need.

  52. I'd love to use a word count program and see the frequency of some of these words like 'underhanded' and 'indoctrinated' or even 'viper.'

  53. Dear Sir, You went to India for seeking peace and truth. But came with demon possessed of Indian idols. Anyway, one day you were born as human being and one day you are going to die. This is the only Truth in human life. From the beginning of this world men tried to know about life and death. But no one ever satisfy accept Jesus Christ. If Jesus died and rose again from the Death then this is true solution of men. If not, then there is no God, not spirituality or life after death. Think about this, all your Gurus born and died. But Jesus born, died and resurrected from death. Do you not think that this is the only
    hope that one day every man can resurrect as Jesus as son of Man died and resurrected ? If Jesus never died and rose again then all true follower of Jesus are fool and wasting their time on God and Jesus. But if it is true then whole world of non believer of Jesus are fool and dying in their sin. So I am giving you some thought of your life after death. By the way, Hindus believe in recarnation means after your death you may born in family of animal, bird, or fishes. Do you really believe this ? If yes, can you proof any man who died in India as Hindu walking around you as dog, monkey or pig ? You are blindly following behind some thing which does not exist. Jesus never came to rule over this earth, or stablished any religion. But He came to solve the three major of problem of human life.
    1. SIN
    2. DEATH
    3. SALVATION (Life after death)
    Friend what more you need in your life. No religion, guru, leader, Muhammad, Buddha ever promised to give Salvation. No one ever died for human being and Rose again from death. They just came and gave their ideas, lived for them self and died for ever more. No hope, no promise, no peace, no joy and not life at all. Still are going to continue your hopeless life around your Gurus and Idols. Think about this and choose Life, not death. Be wise man.

  54. Hines

    what I like to know is why you such a yellow bellied double agenda second grade chicken lying cur who is so shit scared of being open and honest about his yellow bellied two faced lie that he double face bullshits his way through life by censoring and manipulating opinion and participation on his fraudulent web site by allowing certain ass creeps credence and free to open air propaganda of those up his highfalutin ass while banning and manipulating any counter opinion by blocking and censoring the communication of others.

    All it shows is this pathetic self aggrandized self infatuated schmuck who pretends to be so enlightened towards free thought or free dissemination of opinion is the biggest lying decrepit false fraud two faced conniving coward under the sun. Bar none.

  55. Now you even censoring your hate mail... oh how deceptively cute, you charlatan self indulgent decrepit two faced fraud.

  56. they too cowardly these frauds, the'll allow all manner of anti spam garbage from out their self engrossed feeble self deluded minds spewed across their web pages, and then ban and manipulate and cover up and censor any ulterior view because they are intent on manipulating and misrepresenting realities to suit their own self satisfied self righteous egoist agendas.

    Problem with these schmucks is they are riddled with their own haughty self engrossed infatuated arrogance and this is the bottom line failure to their own self styled grandiose inbred deceptive incapacitated hatred

    Its a closed shop little grandiose happy clappy back slap club this churchless fraudulent deceptive lying charlatanry site, only a handful of people are in any way drawn in as regular contributors here, because any one with any level of true open minded free thought and thinking gets banned and shut down by the little tinsel town schmuck goon idiot who thinks he can play god in his own little pathetic closed rank closed minded playground.

  57. brian:

    I tried to add a post today but it said "I'm sorry but we can't accept that data." What gives? I have tried to be thoughtful and respectfull? Have you denied me access, or is there some other reason I get this message?


  58. Hines you miserable morose rat, get out of your mental state of a morose rat hole and realize the actual purpose of your four score years and ten existence you sissified stupefied stultified ignorant intellectualized complicated mesmerized morose goon.

    Stop with the cowardly censorship on your piss-willy web site where only your sanctified susceptible screwed up fraternizing opinion gets any justified Brian Hines churchless sanction to get published, and perhaps you pathetic excuse of a screwed up sapient being get to see some light at the end of your dark dismal deluded derelict disillusioned tunnel of self satisfied screwed up blind 'I' ness.

  59. Radha Soami and Hare Krishna!

    Mr. Hines, you will have to account in full for this site at the time of your death. May Lord Krsna bless you that it will not be too much of a karmic burden for you. You would be much luckier if Lord Krsna's Sudarshana chakra took your head off before that time.

    Mr. Hines, you obviously have some sukriti or you would not know about RSSB. Please try to come back into the Light.
    Service to God is so much better than the crap which you espouse.

    i usually end my messages with the phrase "keep the faith", but in your case I will say: regain the faith.


    1. Hi Brad.

      Radha Soami and Hare Krishna.

      Just curious. How is it that you seem to know and follow (respect) both path?

  60. what unevolved hateful people. who have nothing better to do than blog bout some dude speaking his mind. its a shame when people are so blinded by brainwashed world modeled dogma. these same people that take a plagiarized book writen by man as the absolute truth. what fools to think you know what god(if there is such a being) wants for us. to even attempt to fathom it is wrong. this blog just shows how unsecure you people are with there so called faith. if there is a god and he is as the bible describes him than he isnt my god. cause my supreme being doesnt get jealous, angry, or vengeful. for such a being capable of all this would be above that and not be victim to such human traits. religon is evil and not the true path it was designed to take control people by preying on the most comman doubts of man death. you can thank the romans for that. and since most of you dont have the courage to post as yourself ill do the same....

  61. Being born into a Jehovah's Witness family, you could say I was born blind. Now that I am a man, I'm making my own path in life as a 'thinking man', free from religious bias of thought, though many mental scars still remain. To anyone trapped in this dangerous cult - get out! Once you are free of it, you will see it for what it really is... a lie.

    Thanks for a great site!

    1. Dear Garth, any person born into any religion is born "blind" and has to find their "sight". Be kind to Jehovah's Witnesses - many are too afraid to look further - for fear of being disfellowshipped. And be honest - they did teach you something - a hunger for TRUTH, courage to break away, fearlessness of men and more. I am a disfellowshipped witness and i appreciate the Truth that the witnesses taught me. Well done for answering the call to become a "thinking man" - enjoy the journey and remember the people you left behind...

  62. Mr. Hines

    My mum once told me it is bad to comment negatively on any Holy man. One loses by doing so

    The Master only teaches "Love" -in a mad and careless World.

    Question is what are you after- yourself? What happened to convert you away?

  63. Just wanted to tell you how much I loved "return to the One". It was written in such a good spirit.......which is why I can't understand why you're so cynical on this blog. You seem like a different judgmental. I thought that not passing judgment was one of the hallmarks of growth in the spiritual/zen life? I personally want to stop my judging and finger pointing and learn to let things be....hopefully grow into THE ONE in the spirit of love. I just don't want to read your judgmental criticisms anymore. This is just such a waste of your talent!

  64. Dear boy, I'm praying for you. You found your way out of that awful Indian sect, and just as surely you'll find your way out of your atheism and get back to believing and having faith and praising the Lord. Bless you.

  65. There is no God, no supreme being or beings.

    And certainly no intelligent life of earth

  66. I think you are all nuts-words do not cook rice:-)

  67. As a current follower of Baba Ji and RSSB, I am sorry to hear and read the things you say. It confuses me. He totally speaks only of truth, finding our balance, and the Radha Soami teachings as they are presented in all the RS books. He does not speak ill of any other religion. His approach is always coming from love and compassion for ourselves and all others. I hope you re-discover that some day.

  68. Ashy...Brain same people ??? Best way to get publicity is through hate mail, cleverly posted on his blog site have a rant "on my own page".haha. Brain plays good cop Ashy plays bad cop or Brain potentially adopts a split personality and blogs himself. IE Ashy speaking devilish, Brain been a "angel" and promoting his views i wonder... brain i am here for u buddy. Alternatively just get laid lol. it will divert you energy from blogging


  69. Mr. Hines,
    I've been a satsangi for about 20 years, and I've read all your articles. Buddha said, "The very purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others." No one in RSSB has ever asked me to donate money. I even stayed at the Dera for a month and no one asked me for one penny. If its true that Baba Ji made his sons wealthy, then good for them. I wish my father would have made me wealthy! If a spiritual leader from America, say Joel Osteen for example, has stocks, wealth, and investments, which he does, its considered normal and OK. But if an Indian spiritual leader has some money, investments and helps his children with money, then everyone is ready to condemn him. Its not fair, and it shows that you have double standards. The Master shows us the path of meditation, Sant Mat, but we need to make the effort and meditate. I'm happy and grateful that Baba Ji has stood up and taken on the mantle of Guru for all these years. He initiated me and I'm grateful for that. He basically gave up his life and his freedom to travel all around the world to help people. To my knowledge, he only gives. Actually, your website has helped me to become a stronger Satsangi and I wanted to thank for that. It hasn't hurt my faith in my Guru at all. Radha Soami!

    1. Really?
      I've read through most of the comments that Brian has made on the RSSB. As a newbee....i'm confused more than ever and need lots of questions answered before i decide my path,
      (1) Why does the RSSB not have a website?
      2) Why can't photos be taken of the guru or recording of his satsangs?
      3) Have all the gurus REALLY come from the same family line?
      4) I thought the guru's sons were doctors who reside in London? Are they not? Do they really own shares in a company that is owned by the Guru's nephew?
      5) If it is a spritual movement and not a religious sect then why is there a process called naamdan and the words come from the Guru Granth Sahib? Isn't that the holy books for the Sikhs? And if naamdan were to occur for a Hindu or a Christian, would a hindu stop saying their mantras,eg. Om Namah Shivya? or a Christian stop praying' Our Father Who Art in Heaven'?

      And Brian,
      Why exactly were you fired from the RSSB?
      Did you not give the RSSB permission to quote material from your books? If you did, doesnt that show that you believed in their beliefs?
      As far as if heard, isn't the Dera a place where langar is free of charge? the prices for goods and services is below or just cost price?
      By the way is the current Guru a Sikh?(from his appearance i would say so) if yes, has he had his amrit?
      And in the Sikh religion it states that the last Guru is the Guru Granth Sahaib. If the current RSSB Guru is a sikh and gives the initiation words (naamdan) from the Guru Granth Sahaib, how can he be following his religion, if his religion clearly states that the last guru is the Guru Granth Sahib.

      These questions are not meant to be disrespectful or to hurt the sentiments of anyone. It is for my knowledge so i can decide the right path for myself.

    2. Radha Soami Anonymous...didn't know you could be fired from RSSB? Same as disfellowshipping, i guess. G_D always disciplines His children, doesn't He?
      By the way - isn't Anonymous supposed to spelled (spelt) with a double nn? Mmmmm annonymous?! Will have to check on that :)

    3. @ anonymous :

      trying to answer your questions

      1. rssb has a web site
      2. all the pervious masters allowed to take pics and record satsangs. but in todays age, idol worship etc takes the ultimate form. guru does not want him to be worshiped in the physical form of pictures etc, so perhaps he is encouraging the satsangi to go within.
      3. no - all guru's are not from same family line. before charan singh maharaj were jagat singh ji. but there is a mystical reason why after that family line is on. there are many other rssb (true and perfect living masters) that came upon after sawan shah, they are not from the same family line. lord presents himself in form of saints as and when necessary, so dont be surprised if a PLM comes upon in japan or australia or africa. its all His will.
      5. this is a long answer. will try to keep it short. guru granth sahib is guru nanak and rest of the master teaching, like kuran is mohammad, or same as teachings of tulsi das, kabir das, paltu sahib etc. the message is same (does not matter sikh or hindu) - its that the sound current is coming from almighty and we need to go within and catch it. ALL religions and their books talk of the same. guru granth sahib talks it very specifically hence its been read a lot in satsangs. but so are verses of bible, kuran etc. common factor being, the word, naam or shabad will take you back and that can only be given by a perfect living master. worshiping him after he has gone brings no result.

      answers to your questions posed to brian

      - no one gets fired from rssb, brian just gave up the path himself
      - dera is a place where people come to learn the teachins of sant mat, and yes the free food given is called langar. accomodation is free too.
      - guru's religion does not matter. he teaches no matter what religion you are in, continue that and go within and you shall find the lord.

      you have asked many questions but in no way were disrespectful :)

  70. daniel senam@y7mail.comJune 28, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    I dont want to be a ranter but if you just try christianity what s there to lose if its a lie yu live li fe with peace if its true you live death with peace im christian and i believe my faith it gives me peace and its true love your apple blogging btw

  71. I think having a master is great. Get initiated, follow the vows and live your life. There isnt any requirement to donate money, visit the dera or go to satsang! All one forever unite in GOD!

  72. I've read through most of the comments that Brian has made on the RSSB. As a newbee....i'm confused more than ever and need lots of questions answered before i decide my path,
    (1) Why does the RSSB not have a website?
    2) Why can't photos be taken of the guru or recording of his satsangs?
    3) Have all the gurus REALLY come from the same family line?
    4) I thought the guru's sons were doctors who reside in London? Are they not? Do they really own shares in a company that is owned by the Guru's nephew?
    5) If it is a spritual movement and not a religious sect then why is there a process called naamdan and the words come from the Guru Granth Sahib? Isn't that the holy books for the Sikhs? And if naamdan were to occur for a Hindu or a Christian, would a hindu stop saying their mantras,eg. Om Namah Shivya? or a Christian stop praying' Our Father Who Art in Heaven'?

    And Brian,
    Why exactly were you fired from the RSSB?
    Did you not give the RSSB permission to quote material from your books? If you did, doesnt that show that you believed in their beliefs?
    As far as if heard, isn't the Dera a place where langar is free of charge? the prices for goods and services is below or just cost price?
    By the way is the current Guru a Sikh?(from his appearance i would say so) if yes, has he had his amrit?
    And in the Sikh religion it states that the last Guru is the Guru Granth Sahaib. If the current RSSB Guru is a sikh and gives the initiation words (naamdan) from the Guru Granth Sahaib, how can he be following his religion, if his religion clearly states that the last guru is the Guru Granth Sahib.

    These questions are not meant to be disrespectful or to hurt the sentiments of anyone. It is for my knowledge so i can decide the right path for myself.

  73. I've read through most of the comments that Brian has made on the RSSB. As a newbee....i'm confused more than ever and need lots of questions answered before i decide my path,
    (1) Why does the RSSB not have a website that works?
    2) Why can't photos be taken of the guru or recording of his satsangs?
    3) Have all the gurus REALLY come from the same family line?
    4) I thought the guru's sons were doctors who reside in London? Are they not? Do they really own shares in a company that is owned by the Guru's nephew?
    5) If it is a spritual movement and not a religious sect then why is there a initiation process and the words come from the Guru Granth Sahib? Isn't that the holy books for the Sikhs? And if initiation were to occur for a Hindu or a Christian, would a hindu stop saying their mantras,eg. Om Namah Shivya? or a Christian stop praying' Our Father Who Art in Heaven'?

    And Brian,
    Why exactly were you fired from the RSSB?
    Did you not give the RSSB permission to quote material from your books? If you did, doesnt that show that you believed in their beliefs?
    As far as if heard, isn't the Dera a place where langar is free of charge? the prices for goods and services is below or just cost price?
    By the way is the current Guru a Sikh?(from his appearance i would say so) if yes, has he had his amrit?
    And in the Sikh religion it states that the last Guru is the Guru Granth Sahaib. If the current RSSB Guru is a sikh and gives the initiation words (naamdan) from the Guru Granth Sahaib, how can he be following his religion, if his religion clearly states that the last guru is the Guru Granth Sahib.

    These questions are not meant to be disrespectful or to hurt the sentiments of anyone. It is for my knowledge so i can decide the right path for myself.

    1. As far as know, Babaji strictly wanted there to be no online site for Santmat as he didn't want people to post things on internet as you know how that would turn out.
      Also, the mind is a very strong enemy so don't think that once disciples will always stay disciples. As long as you don't experience something, you will never build true love or faith.
      Being a sikh does not mean that you have to have your amrit.
      The Guru Granth sahib being the last guru is just as a guide, we are supposed to follow what the Granth sahib says and inside it says to find a true Guru who can show us the way.

  74. Friends,

    Lets not worry about what we all think and explain the world, if you follow something just have faith.

    Brian Sir, God bless you.

  75. even jesus had 12 disciples, and the disciples regarded jesus as their guru/teacher.
    one of them betrayed jesus, yet the master jesus was all knowing and an enlightened soul. he did not change his bad fate or disown his disciple. which i think is the case of brian

    what we can learn is that this 'guru' 'teacher' has been always around and obviously god will not be unfair to send just certain saints at certain times, they are always present....

    when jesus was around, no one believed him except his 12 disciples, after he died, everyone believed him, well mostly.

    the same is with guru nanak ji, when he was around, only very few disciples believed and listened to him, yet when he left this world , he has millions of followers, if guru nanak ji was to enlighten all souls after he left this world ...then why would he leave a successor to carry on his work.... he would have said just believe and pray to me and i will save u.

    same with john the baptist. he initiated jesus, and he was the successor.

    so i think we always need a teacher, if i passed a school exam, who would i thank? the books i studied from or the school teacher that taught me from the books???
    the answer is obvious !!

    thats the same with religious books, you read it and think you know it all, but when a living guide explains it properly, then you thank the living guide for clearing your doubts and helping you.

  76. Brian

    Please STFU:-)

    Do it for your own sake mate.

    You are boring the four camels and a giraffe out of a lot of people.

    And your 2 bit F wits who intellectualise on this site!!!Most of them couldnt do a piss up in the brewery yet they talk big!!!

    Amen bro.

    1. Hi there Anony, pleeaease interperet your abbreviations for me - i'm very OLD, unless you can't spell. SFTU:)means? and "your 2 bit F wits" means? Such a pity to misss your point - unless it's was ONLY meant for BrHi?

  77. Established religions are cults as well. :)

  78. I don't agree with everything that Brian believes, but I feel free to share my views on the blog. I dare say there seem to be a lot of GOD haters on the blog though, guess that is why its called Church of the Churchless?

    1. I DISAGREE! There may be a lot of RELIGION haters on this blog, but many GOD lovers searching for TRUTH and why not? That may be why it's called "Church of the Churchless", not to condemn churches - they all have their function - but rather to encourage their followers to be unafraid to question; to venture out of their comfort zone; to cross boundaries and join hands in order to discover ALL that is good. Let LOVE, let GOD be your guide.

  79. Dear Mr. Hines,

    The individual you call "Gurinder Singh Dhillon"(for that is the only way, in which a person like you can understand the Master)is in every way, superior to you. He is worthy of your respect. Kindly refer to the teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, known as Siksastakam, to understand the correct behaviour to show any individual.

    Hare Krishna!

    1. Hi far as "the correct behaviour to show any indiviual" is concerned i guess it's still a matter of "what's true for you, is true for you". The Master can certainly handle BH and also, like the Pope, he has the option of resigning - hasn't he? I for one, will still love and respect him even if he did resign. Would you?

  80. Folks, Brian Hines is very much a devotee of Sant Mat and the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga, don't let him fool you. This whole church of the churchless website was purposely designed to sidetrack certain individuals from the TRUTH. This is not accident here folks. BRAVO Brian for a creating a GREAT website that's designed to keep people away from the TRUTH. Also the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga is as an ANCIENT as time itself. There's a HUGE difference in being spiritual and being religious... by nature we are spiritual beings. Again Brian BRAVO for the website and keep up the good work!

  81. It was the current Master that asked Brian Hines to put this site up so it would attract those who are no supposed to be on this PATH.

    1. Really? How interesting - i am a seeker and was referred to "The Critic - Your Friend". I guess if reincarnation is a reality, then i have still a number to go and now i had better get to work and earn an honest living. Been nice chatting to you all - enjoy your day. Thank you BrHi! Short for Brian Hines or Brother Hines - whichever...!!!

  82. Folks this is all just a big show for Brian! He loves getting attention and being in the SPIRITUAL LIME LIGHT... the fact is, is that he is still a SATSANGI and is going back to SACHKAND whether he likes it or not.
    He was initiated back in 1971 by Maharaj Charan Singh. He LOVES the current MASTER and is totally devoted to him and this PATH. Yes Brian Hines is an ATTENTION whore, he loves stirring things up! Again the current MASTER told Brian to do all this...

    Brian has written books for Radha Soami BEAS and is 1000% devoted to SANT MAT.....

    Please do not be angry at Brian, he is doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing..... it's ALL KARMA anyways! He's just playing out his ROLE!

    1. sies annonymous! i didn't expect a brother satsangi to call a brother a WHORE! i'm a seeker and it's obvious BH loves the Master - could he be the world's next Master? have a nice day and don't be shy to put your name down - don't worry i won't call you a whore or a SPIRITUAL LIMELIGHT SEEKER!!! You're just doing what YOU have to do :)!!

  83. BTW anytime you see someone put down a RANTER on here, etc. It's BRAIN HINES doing it or one of his disciples. I know how Brian writes
    and his grammar..... Brian is behind all of this folks! Brian is just having fun with his own website...

    1. i agree...and that is okay too, since he created his website, let him enjoy it. In the words of L. Ron Hubbard "What is true for you, is true for you". BH offers - not only a "church for the churchless" - but also a "voice for the voiceless"'re NOT doing a BAD job Brian...:)

  84. I love the response to the rope analogy, it reiterates the point of the story that you question the gift of the rope. As a member of AA, I can tell you that the great gift that people speak of is peace of mind. Where ever you receive that peace, you should hold onto it. Even if it is arguing on a blog or questioning a religion. If a spiritual leader is truly spiritual they won't be affected by questions or ridicule. There was a story about a man who came out every day to yell and curse at a holy man. The disciple asked the holy man why he allowed the man to speak to him that way and insult him. The holy man replied that he was honored by the man's devotion, every day without fail he comes out to greet me with insults, but every day he thinks of me. He never misses an opportunity. So the devotion to this anti-rssb blog is still an amazing amount of devotion. If your peace of mind comes from a religion more power to you, and if your peace of mind comes from the beauty in nature, again more power to you. I am a firm believer in the idea that anything that divides people is the creation of man and anything that comes from god will bring us together. Good luck to everyone that reads this!

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  89. There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. — Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

  90. Brian, I am sorry... You need an immediate spiritual healing. You are obsessed with RSSB. You are unable to decide whether you love or hate RSSB. You are unable to get RSSB out of your mind. Your days in, days out are filled with RSSB only.

    Definetly you have landed into dangerous metaphysical sphere while meditation which was not allowed. You have put yourself so much into this that you have got mentally paralysed.

    I feel sorry to see your state everytime I come here. I will wish for you to Baba ji whom you criticise due to your immaturity. It is indeed a deadly immaturity that you are not able to cultivate spirituality in your life. You are a complete FAILURE.

    God Bless You.

    1. I agree Sudeep. "There's a thin line between Love and Hate". I'd rather be on the Love side. It is so very much more pleasant...
      Rhada Soami Ji!

    2. even cursing satguru 24 hrs is remembering him ie simran. let him. atleast he has not forgotten him.

      jahaan aasa wahaan waasa. if he curses him in the last breath too, satguru will take him home.

  91. Its best to remember the spiritual foundations of the world and our existence.

    'My life started the day I woke up from the coma'
    I was comatose for 29 days. My life started from the day I woke up half paralysed, which is when I didn't even know what the meaning of paralysis was. I existed outside my body. I had many, so called, spiritually amazing experiences throughout that time. And I saw the other side, where death is finality and mortality, normal... where the death angel rules.

    Anu Agarwal in an interview
    Bollywood Actress
    Oct 2012

  92. Has anyone on this blog read Howard Storm's, " My Descent Into Death?". He was a die-hard atheist who died and came back.


    . . . and he changed.

  93. I feel sorry for myself.... why the hell I came across this website??? This blog and the bloggers are nothing more then a question mark (?). Everything which has been said here creates only confusion...

    Good luck for new visitors..... :(

  94. In terms of what was mentioned about krishnamurti. The very saying that the book leaves 'you' Luke warm, signifies the incapacity of the mind through thought to understand its own insufficiency. The 'you' is nothing more than a collection of memories and experiences that are in the past. In order to truly understand what krishnamurti was talking about, it takes much more than flipping through I few pages of a book and taking it apart for amusement. If one would find truth, or reality, it requires a very serious inquiry. If you can understand meditation at all, you will realize the insufficiency of thought to realize truth. Truth is the actual reality, not the 'selfs' past fragmented memories and comparisons, images, and conditioning coming to what it thinks is a conclusion. The fragmented nature of thought can not conclude the unknown. I personally will tell you that it is possible to life a life free of pain, sorrow, conflict, fear. It has taken me a great deal of inquiry into myself, as the observer is the observed, is very important. It is possible, but to be free from pain and fear, meditation is essential, a quality of mind which is not bound by the past. Good luck with it, it is well worth the time. It's been almost a year since I first came upon krishnamurti and it is freedom from the known.

  95. In terms of what was mentioned about krishnamurti. The very saying that the book leaves 'you' Luke warm, signifies the incapacity of the mind through thought to understand its own insufficiency. The 'you' is nothing more than a collection of memories and experiences that are in the past. In order to truly understand what krishnamurti was talking about, it takes much more than flipping through I few pages of a book and taking it apart for amusement. If one would find truth, or reality, it requires a very serious inquiry. If you can understand meditation at all, you will realize the insufficiency of thought to realize truth. Truth is the actual reality, not the 'selfs' past fragmented memories and comparisons, images, and conditioning coming to what it thinks is a conclusion. The fragmented nature of thought can not conclude the unknown. I personally will tell you that it is possible to life a life free of pain, sorrow, conflict, fear. It has taken me a great deal of inquiry into myself, as the observer is the observed, is very important. It is possible, but to be free from pain and fear, meditation is essential, a quality of mind which is not bound by the past. Good luck with it, it is well worth the time. It's been almost a year since I first came upon krishnamurti and it is freedom from the known.

  96. Hello Brian, a matter of hours ago did I learn of the radical changes that have taken place in Sant Mat from my brother, who was an initiate for 40 years. I am fully conversant with the Path, the propositions, the promises and postulates, and all the other attendant bullshit.
    I was never able to join and adopt Sant Mat as a personal belief. Mainly because I could not reconcile a couple of primary principles, the main one being the belief in predestination.
    The real student reads this, laughs, and moves on. Strangely this error in perception in some strange way does not trash the reality of the inner realms. I believe I know the exact psychedelic (spiritual drug) that led the "Masters" of this Path to conclude that all is predetermined.
    Let me give you a spiritual gem that shines brighter than all others. I give you this with love. "Every human being on this planet was/is given the priceless gift of free choice and self determination at the time that the Soul integrated with the DNA of the flesh." You see Brian, it is this fact that enables the growth and evolution of Creation. This is the wildcard in the equation of life. This is not a subject for debate or even discussion, because there is no point in thrashing the truth, the reality.
    Maybe these words will save a few people countless years of deprivation on a restrictive path that in general, does not offer even a glimpse of what they seek. I speak of Westerners - The general followers of these gurus find it a lot easier, because they cannot think. The western mind is too analytical for this Path.
    I would also like to mention a few more truths concerning sant mat. Many of the actual experiences that the Masters have shared have errors and embellishments no doubt designed to attract new members. With this kind of enterprise it's either all true, or all untrue. They bullshit with a smile because they know that the odds of any of their Western followers actually personally achieving anything, is extremely remote to zero.
    Curb your thoughts Brian, they are based on arrogance and ego. Your heart speaks the truth of what I have written.
    No, it is not ego and arrogance that has driven me to write these words. Disappointment, and perhaps a tiny bit of anger from witnessing my brothers loss of faith and the sacrifice of forty years to restrictive practices born out of a culture steeped in mysticism and a good measure of brainwashing thrown in for good measure.
    By the way - no hate here, no ego, no arrogance. Just truth, reality and humility.
    My message to you - if you get your rocks off doing what you do, go for it. There's one born every second, exploit the opportunity. But this I see, as the death of a philosophy that should never have left India.
    Best wishes for the New Year.

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. I deleted the earlier comment for correcting typing errors. Here is the corrected version.


    Yes. I know that my perspective and yours could be different and you have all right to hold on to yours. However since, you have given this opportunity, let me share my views :-

    There is an inbuilt conflict in the title itself : 'Spiritual Independence' ..! If you are a disciple of any group how can you expect Independence ? Being a 'follower' itself means that one has surrendered one's independent intellect to a Master or an ideology.

    About the issue of shift in the belief of the living Master of Radhasoami (Beas), I would congratulate you that at least you have your commonsense intact to be able to catch the changes. Now coming to the point, there are certain pit falls of such groups. The selection of a successor is one such critical thing.

    If the Master is not supposed to change the tenets or its interpretations, there is no need to have a Living Master. A Change is the essence of being live. A good Master is one who will suggest adaptation with the needs of the present era. The whole cosmos is dynamic and a Master should be able to identify the needs of the change much in advance as he has power to analyze the things at subtler vibration level.

    I think, its for you to accept the change. You need to decide either to have blind faith or dynamic faith in the Master.

    I feel, you have been accustomed with the old tenets and got yourself habitual to certain notions. Now, there is a conflict.. Every change invariably brings in friction because the person once again, has to exercise to modify his comfort zone.. !!

    Anything that you repeat on continual and rigorous manner will be very close to addiction. You can fall pray to addiction of spiritual concepts and practices, too.. But you don't realize this because your Ego gets compliments for this following from the society.

    So, take this inner discomfort and repulsion in the right spirit. Know that this is wake up call from within.

    As every person is a unique bundle of Karmic dues and attitude, how can there be a single method for all to get release from this. One has to find one's own way.

    Be Blessed

  99. I love you Brian, long live Mr Brian Hines

  100. Hi there Annonymous from Northern Ireland! Be patient - every dog will have his day. But, please tell me - where do YOU stand on all of this? I mean about TRUTH and GOD. Have a great day and don't be SHY - put a little name - even if it's a fake one - you'll still be annonymous amongst the other 7 billion or so of us! Till we "meet" again - keep smiling :)

  101. bro i totally understand what you are going through and how badly hurt you are. you spend thirty five years following a path and now you are spending rest of your life hating the same path. you could never really leave this path..follower or hater your life still attached to it.just compare how calm you are from inside now and then..even if a false path gives me some inner peace i will stick to it..have fun. we think what seems to be the truth to us is the truth. you know better ..what you thought before initiation was different then what you thought for next thirty five years and and what you think now...i hope that you i will have our questions answered. i know it sounds bullshit to you but thats the only hope we have got left..bye

  102. You've just insulted every Sikh on this planet by referring to the turban in such a way, regardless of who you're referring to!

  103. The fallen church of Eeyore understands the need to subject ones body to the pelting rocks as one floats downstream. Sploosh.

  104. Hi Brian,
    I, like you am a "spiritual unpastor"
    I, like you, understand spiritual independence.
    To me, it seems that there is also another alternative that needs to be considered, that I have never seen any websites, or blogs cover.
    I like you, also have published a blog. I won't argue it, or try to explain its message on this post.
    You might be interested in checking it out though.
    the site is:

    Have a great day,

  105. Hello! Sir. I visited your site and was confused. My faith was shattered. Your questions were really brainstorming. I tried to search the literature on this matter, talked to many people. It is good to ask questions. Baba ji also urges us not to follow this path blindly, we should read literature,ask questions. But we should ask for answers from God not from people. You are angry, u didnt get anything for so many years. U expected so much but u were disappointed. Its naturally. Your anger toward Radha Soami reveals that u loved him so much. So u should take time and talk personally to him. And if u r really in search of the Kingdom of Lord, u r his lost sheep then definitely he will come to take u back.
    And few days back I was also in emotional turmoil that whether I am on right path.God really answered me. I read ur comments and thought whether Baba ji is true Son of Lord sent on Earth. I also got news that Baba ji is not well and all satsang programmes are cancelled for next 3 months. And again I was doubtful and then I prayed to Lord if he is true Guru then God he will definitely be present in Satsang in Dec. The moment I finished praying my Mom called me and told that satsang programme has started again and there will be satsang in Dec. I was really happy from my heart, I was feeling better. I dont proclaim that he is the only way to reach God but in my life I have not seen any human being who is so glorious and whose presence is so peaceful and soothing...... I have not been initiated till now waiting for 1 more year when I will turn 28. Till then I am also searching so that I come into this path wholeheartedly. And I will definitely post on your site if I will be able to meet the Lord Inside...............................
    Doubt, the ruthless hunter, lurks within your body;
    His arrow has pierced the flawless diamond of your soul.
    Doubt resides within you.
    It makes you throw the dice till you lose all your wealth;
    It blindly attacks like a wounded beast, destroying one and all.

  106. Most of the negative comments published against Sant Mat are written by people who have failed to achieve success in their spiritual endeavor and therefore seek to blame the spiritual system taught rather than look at themselves honestly and accept that they are to blame for failure. Typically failure stems from the desire of the lower self with the analytical mind to understand things that can only be understood by the higher self. Accessing the higher self is extremely difficult and requires escaping from the grasp of the lower self which, being well entrenched therein, most are unwilling to do. The comment of the mantras or simran being mind numbing shows clearly the misunderstanding for it is meant to be numbing to the lower self so that one can access the higher self where understanding is achieved by direct seeing of truth rather than by the intelectual faculties of the lower self.

    1. This entire blog screams the frustration of Brian Hines and one can only feel sorry for him.

      I hope Brian finds peace soon. :)

  107. Only the true disciple can know the greatness of the master, all the rest are guessing. There is no need for discussion and debate. He who debates doesn't know, he who knows doesn't debate. To verify the competence of the master all you have to do is meditate and go within. The radiant form of the true master will be waiting for you. You will not see a false master because has not done the meditation and can not guide you through the inner spiritual planes. There is an old saying in India: If you go to a false master you will become a false disciple. Anybody who claims to have meditated dutifully for 30 years and seen nothing is clearly as honest and honourable as the master who initiated them. If you meditate with proper disciple you will see many things, but you will not see a false master. If you let your mind wander like a drunken sailor looking for a whorehouse, you will become as frustrated as the sailor. In any case you don't have to be a true disciple to get an indication of the competence of the master. Just pay attention, do your homework, listen what he says and what he does not say. It ain't rocket science, it's common sense.

  108. Hello Brian
    Why can't you live and let live.
    Your choice is your choice.
    We are all running on blind faith and one's journey is a personal matter.
    You seem to be highly evolved to condemn others.
    So what is the way to Heaven ?
    Please share this with us.

  109. I suggest all human beings to please do not follow anyone blindly. No man can be GOD as HE does not get birth and meet death . Learn but Meditate yourself to get some personal elevating experience !

  110. Hi Brian, or should I say AGENT OF KAL (THE NEGATIVE POWER)?!?! I see Kal is up to his old tricks again, deceiving the poor jivas and keeping them stuck in the wheel of re-incarnation forever keeping them suffering and in the pain/fire of unfulfilled desires. All Master wanted was to liberate your soul so that you could be happy. Instead your next life will probably be as a DOG or maybe even a RAT as that's the level you've sunk to. You've probably gone back to your meat and wine, you drunken savage barbarian!

    Seriously though, we still love you and hope you come back home (TRUE SPIRITUAL HOME) real soon now.

    Radha Soami Ji

  111. Hi Brian, No hatred here!!! You are entitled to your free will and points of view just as I am. You had a good post on Neil Young sometime back that got me interested in hearing Neil Young's songs more closely. I'd like to give you my point of view. Neil Young’s singing has always been a deterrent from searching for a Heart of Gold for me personally LOL! Just kidding but really I think the dude can write good song melodies, but I can never get into his singing. His song which you talked about called “When God made me" sounds like he wants to believe in a God that can be categorized “universally.” You do realize that if we are too open minded our brains will fall out! Embracing all beliefs in God cause distorted views of God in Truth. Neil’s simple lyrics that posed the questions regarding God’s motives: “Was he planning only for believers, or for those who just had faith? Did he envision all wars that were fought in his name? Did he say there was only one way to be close to him?” These are very good questions that do have answers. Answers that are the Truth! Although we would like to be gods of our own destiny by going with what we feel is true, righteous, and worthy of grace by our standards as humans, the fact of the matter is that our thoughts and motives fall short of the Truth. The Holy Bible is The Word of God that is definitely the Life giving, Heart transforming, Good News bearing Truth that gives us as people a mirror to show us what we look like and then gives us the solution to make it out of this temporal life. This answer is found only in and through the Creator of Heaven and earth who verbalizes it so that we CAN know God’s intentions for humanity. Acts 4:11-12 says: “For Jesus is the one referred to in the Scriptures, where it says, ‘The stone that you builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.’ There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” John 3:16 says: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Only God Himself could answer our questions of His motives but I believe God is direct when addressing our methods of trying to reach Him by John 14:6: Jesus answered “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, No one comes to the Father except through me.” Sorry for the length of this reply!! My desire is only to share the Good News the Gospel of Truth in which we have imparted to us Grace in order to come the a saving knowledge of the Lord and Savior and only God: Jesus Christ!

  112. Brian how could you break your faith after all them years.I really think you should have wrote to baba ji about this or had asked a question in the question and answer sessions held. why is still bothering u why have u made this blog im sure u will go back to the master oneday u have lost your faith.... u have un answered questions please find the time to go to baba ji and ask him he is the only one that could answer u not us........


  114. Brian, I really can't believe that you actually wrote one of the book's that were given to me at the time of initiation (LIFE IS FAIR) and now your here open with haters blog how did this ever become possible you must have had such strong love for the path and baba ji how could you let this go i'm sure there is a way for you i hate to see somone that was so devoted to the path end this way i also read that you heard the bells at the early stages of being blessed by our beloved master (but was'nt that somthing was'nt that a start for you to work towards you are very blessed to have that experience as i haven't even got to that stage beacuse i havent the time or should i say im a bit of a loser when it comes to meditation but if i had got even the sound of the bell i woould be very happy i know there is a lot more to see my mum told me there are several stages you go through while on this path as all stages come through the third eye through bhajan simeran. Brian you are still so blessed to have got that such a shame i hope baba ji brings you back you seem to have some focus on the path still but weather you like it ro not the master will bring you back you his blessed child. Radha soami...........

  115. Dear Brian,
    You think to much about what you are doing. You need to again brush up all your concepts.You have a very high barrier of ego to cross.Power comes in need not desire.For all these years you had been doing your meditation either for inner experiences or because of your emotions. you might have been practising meditation nowadays but it lacks faith.
    Things arent so easy. Thats why the guru speaks about 4 births.
    well,I suggest you read The Book Of Mirdad By Mikhail Naimy. Its a good book that would definately help you. Also it is related to Radha Soami Satsang Beas. They have its copyrights in hindi.

  116. I was refused initiation because I perform cunnilingus 12 times week. Surely, some satsangis suck punani??? Not fair, not fair!

    1. Only 12? You need more meditation!

  117. Wow, just seen this site for the first time. I haven't been through every post but certainly have seen some if the exchanges between Wes and Ashy. I tend to agree with Wes in that Ashy is his own worst enemy. He/she has just swallowed a thesaurus in practically every post! No need for it as you lose the message! Why use 5 words to make a point when 30 will do eh Ashy. A little too much self aggrandising of yourself too me thinks!
    If as you say you're not purporting to be defending the faith, why are you on here?? Your arguments are baseless. If you have issue with Brian on his egotism etc then you could do thst by e mail exchange. What is the need to make your spat so public? Massaging your own ego knowing others will read your posts?
    There is no moral high ground to be taken, every faith is subject to criticism and it should be welcomed too as the Master has said on countless occasions that its a persons, journey so probe and question with all your might before settling on the path.
    "A fool speaks because he wishes to say something, a wise man speaks because he has something to say".

    Let Brian have his say, he will one day reach his final destination (even if dragged there) as the initiated will never be abandoned. You do yourself and many other truth seekers a disservice with your postings here.

  118. Is this the real life or is this just fantasy.... Easy come easy go...
    Brian you have stirred up a hornets nest here! Is there a little part of you thst feels that maybe just maybe thst it's possible that in your heart of hearts thst you are a failure? For so long you diligently followed the prescribed instructions passed onto you by your master?
    Many others have gone on to describe their inner journeys and yet you feel left behind? What's wrong with you... You are as good as anyone else.. Why haven't you made the same progress etc etc. sure,y these doubts have crossed your mind like countless other initiates right? Your frustrations have manifested themselves in a such a way that you have thrown the baby out with the bath water and everyone else in the world should now be labelled a charlatan if they profess to any spiritual experience huh? Worry not, your time will come, those true seekers will welcome you with open arms and not even contemplate responding to you with a "told you so". You will believe it for yourself when the third eye opens and you see the many mansions the Lord has residing within you. No one has the right to judge you, however expend your energies to true and just causes and try to offload your karmic debt not add to them with vile accusations

  119. What Brian has said might be right, but only for thai boxing. Yes , I speak of muay Thai. In this art, you even learn using you knees and elbows to block or break opponents. I am a orange belt at shotoku karate and beltless at muay borang(ancient form of muay thai. ).
    And I personally believe that ordinary boxers are very vulenerable infront of a skilled karateka. What defense you expect of a mygiri by a boxer ?
    Goku on 10 years of.... coz he doesnt knows why but he cant post comments

  120. thanks for this rant section brian. we satsangi's now have a legitimate place to spew some repressed feelings... anonymously... yay!

  121. Hello Brian.
    I found your name in this video's description

    what would you like to say?

  122. Why be angry with Brian? If Babaji didn't want this blog to exist, it wouldn't exist. It's interesting that while Brian denounces the path, at the same time he still does regular meditation. I come here from time to time because Brian often has reliable news about Babaji, like when Babaji was sick. Thank you Brian.
    Spiritual Perspectives Volume II: Question 578, Page 432.
    "We should never loose heart when we have pitfalls or when we have fallen or think that we are being driven from the path. He never leaves us. Momentarily, we may feel that we have left the path, and at another time we may feel that we are again on the path. We explain to ourselves that have left it. Actually, we do not leave it; we cannot leave it. We are so strongly bound, so strongly got hold of, that we cannot leave it, we cannot go astray. But naturally it takes time to learn to walk and then to run. So we should try not to analyze too much. We should do our duties while living in this world, try to give our time to meditation, try to live to the best of our ability, and then slowly but surely, with the Lord's grace, we will become successful in our endeavors."

  123. How do you know that he never leaves us??Just because it was said-does that make it REAL??
    Fundamentalism is very difficult to deal with-as "Logic" and "reason" are subjectively absent-JM

  124. Hines, when did the wheels come off?

  125. Brian Thank you for your article on meditation. I find meditaion hard but without it, I don't have amazing OBE's that come at random times. It's like you need to fill up the spiritual gas tank to trigger them. Those OBEs made me realize that Drugs,Sex and Rock n Roll are just attempts to recreate what we feel when we were in the other worlds. One such experience ,when I was walking around some world was like having a orgasm with every step.. Want proof we come from another world? Why can we stare at a sunset or a campfire for a long time? It reminds us of the worlds we once came from.

  126. Hello Brian, I feel sorry for you that so much hatred has come your way for basically breaking free of the dogma that so many poor and deluded fools (Ashy!!!!) operate under.
    I personally see so much hateful words spoken/typed by so called "spiritual" people that it leaves one big realization.......if you're religions allow you to become so unpleasant then you know what? keep your stinking religions and warped belief systems to yourself and stop polluting the minds of others with your hate crimes against anyone who, unlike you guys, has the heart and open-mindedness to see the world above the limited and self-fulfilling world of religion. If a so-called spiritual person gets agitated in any way just accept that they are on the wrong path and forget them.......because before to long the world will!
    True spirituality is a beautiful thing, religion is ugly, egotistical and an afront to love, peace and unity.
    Ashy, you need to find these things in yourself because you are a deeply unpleasant being and for you to be the way you are means that...YOUR BELIEFS HAVE FAILED YOU!!!! I know many athiests with so much more love and compassion than you and they do not need to ram their opinions down other peoples throats just because we all share different points of views and beliefs.

  127. Brian,

    The fact that you allow anyone to post hate mail on your own blog about you is clearly an indication of how open minded you are. Brilliant. I find it interesting that so called loyal, devoted, and faithful satsangi's have the time to: not only do research online about Sant Mat (Gurinder Singh Dhillon does not like satsangi's going online. And it took RSSB FOREVER to create a website.), but spew such hate. Shouldn't they be focused on their Simran and Dhyan?

    The way I see it, you have the best of both world's. You have been initiated by a "Perfect" Living Master. Therefore, you are destined to reach Sach Kand within 4 lifetimes. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR SAY. I think Charan Singh used to say something about being chained to a bulldozer: you can either walk along side it or get dragged. Looks like you are currently choosing the latter. And if that's the case, good on you, brother.

    1. you are not sure to go to sach khand in 4 life spans. after that no more human births. but one has to finish off the sinchit karma's hence one if not done enough simran (which most of us dont) will be made to sit on the way to finish it off. and just to let you know 1 day of human life is equal to 1000 days in astral world. so instead of 1 day simran here you have to do it in 1000 days there. imagine how long a journey. but ya, one is out of this re-birth cycle for sure in 4 births

  128. There is a different church-less church than yours, on consisting of followers of Jesus who are also truth seekers, read the gospels, the king of the universe taught differently than those claiming to follow, no buildings, instead of collecting money He gave, no human rules, eg. the sabbath was make for man not man for the sabbath. He challenged man made religion all the time and was condemned by it but it was part of His purpose, to overcome death and sin and be the king who forgives all who love him, He founded faith and service to God free from people's agendas, not the Christian religion we know but one of freedom, holiness, love and self sacrifice all aiming to the greatest day of all, the gathering of all men in His home, when accepting Him and this incredible call you will have His help now and life when it's all done.

  129. hi brian I have gone through many of your writeups .I dont hate you or your blog,or anything you write and yes I am a follower of radhasoami teachings.I have seen your inclination towards chinese philosophy of taoism and I have myself gone through these myself and find them marvelous..I can still see your attachment(even if negative) towards RSSB as you keep on talking and following the latest updates.Anyways I dont know why I am writting to you..but somehow I see you too much engrossed with the concepts and ideas..the abstract notions of what is and what should be...once you left the organisation forget about it..why spend so much energies on proving that its not the right path..let it embark on your own journey..I have gone through almost all the spiritual teachings that og ramanna maharishi,ekhart tolle,budha,christianity,taosim,zen budhism and all I see is the same thing being described in different ways! non dualism you seek is not in concepts..and its not selective...its everywhere..just get out of the inhibitions let the journey be as it is...your life seem to be so much common with that of sidhartha as in book by herman hasse...may your journey leads to that "one" you seek somehow...

  130. And let the poo flinging begin!

    How on earth can blab la bla…



  131. Organized religion was dreamt up by used car salesman. They’re like sure you can even have an afterlife no problem; just sign here and with easy easy little weekly payments we’ll get you rolling in this baby. I tell you what, you’ll look great in heaven too! Keep coming back my friend and nothing bad is gonna happen, ever. Just modify your life and everything cause we say so but really its just that easy. Here we’ve got a book of examples that was in fact annulled by this second book of examples but we like the stories cause they’re really catchy you know; just don’t question them and keep coming back…

  132. Science can only examine what is material. And, for materialism, the only possible point of reference is non-conscious matter/ material energy. In this respect most of the comments in your blog make sense. But this is a flat-earth point of view. Information is an immaterial factor. So, it may well be argued, is mind and its consciousness. Nor can a scientific world-view that does not profoundly and completely come to terms with the nature of conscious mind can have serious pretension of wholeness. Can non-conscious physic and conscious metaphysic not co-exist? In this case the 'progressive' but shallow ranting that appears to fill your columns were out of order.

  133. Just found your blog today and I'm sure I'll be back on this page to express some opinions

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Brian i found your blog recently, but i would like to call out to my Satsangi brothers and sisters. The path that we have been shown is a path of Love and earnest living, to not get sway with emotions.
    In gurbani it says

    Oh gurmukh renounce happiness as well as sadness. see both as the different sides of the coin.
    dont get flattered/get egoistic when someone praises you nor get sad when someone slanders/humiliates you. Rise above both of them. Dont get swayed by any one of them

    ustat nindaa deo-oo ti-aagai khojai pad nirbaanaa.
    Renounce both praise and Slander; seek instead the state of Nirvaanaa.

    Satguru says when you react you create a karma. Thus He advises us to ignore them.

    Iam reminded of another story

    Niranjan was the disciple of Ramakrishnaji.
    Once when Niranjan was travelling by a boat to Dakshineswar, some of his fellow passengers began to speak ill about his master. At this, Niranjan got angry and threatened to drown the entire boat. When Ramakrishna heard about the incident he disapproved by saying that, "Anger is a deadly sin, why should you be subject, to it? Foolish people in their pitiable ignorance say many things. One should completely ignore them as beneath notice"

    Thus even if we dont agree with something and want to share our thoughts,, one should maintain the dignity of debate. we should present our arguments in a civilized way, without getting swayed by our emotions.

    One is reminded of another story of Adi Shankracharya and manda misra, and how mandana misra loses because of his anger.

    No matter what is the weight of your argument, your anger negates all those.

    So my humble request is to Answer or share their thoughts with love and humility.

    Gurbani says Jin prem kiyo, tin hi prabh paayo.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Brian

    The lane of love is so narrow that it cannot contain two. If I am, He is not; and if He is, I am not.

    A million speak of love, yet how few know,
    True love is not to lose remembrance even for an instant.

    If you wish to enter the lane of love, cut off your head and put it on your hand; then enter this lane.

    It means that no sacrifice is too great for a lover. A lover has to sacrifice everything-- his body, mind, ego,pride and possessions-- at the altar of love.

    For instance
    Assume that you are sitting in meditation. If you were to stop meditating as soon as your limbs began to ache as a result of the withdrawal of the soul current from the body, you would not be acting like a true lover. A true lover would suffer every kind of pain in order to have a glimpse of the Lord.

    How can one sit so still, repeat only holy names and think of God constantly?

    By falling in love

    Because when one is truly in love nothing but the beloved can enter one’s mind. So the secret of mysticism is not necessarily practice and more practice, but love. To be so devoted to one’s Lord that nothing can stand in the way-this and nothing else is the truth of Sant Mat.

    Thats why its said , its not the distance between the Primal being(The highest state) and us(the physical, gross body) which is holding us back, its our love and devotion towards the beloved.

    "Time taken to become Enlightened is not measured as a function of distance or lives(lifetimes) but instead as a function of our Love and devotion towards the Beloved."

    Infact this is what they call Bhakti yoga.

    So Sir ji in all my earnesty i say to you, i think you should stop boasting about the years of meditation you put in, or invested in, as you would like to say.

    And this group seems to be the work of one of your followers not yours, who derives pleasure out of the 'rantings' as he likes to call it, in that sense your blog churchofthechurchless is also a website/medium for you to rant, filled up of rants.

    My thoughts should not be taken as a reflection of my hate for you, but just a thoughtprocess after observing your blog. I have no reason to hate His beings, We all are a part of Him. There are no enemies in this world, the only enemies are the negative vikaras, qualities which become a obstacle on our path of realizing our self, and they are within us, like our ahankaar,lobh,moh,krodh,kaam.

    Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.
    John 4:20

    Saach kaho sun leyo sabhi, jin prem kiyo tin hi prabh paayeo.

    Only those who have or exercise have compassion or love without any bias, can realize Him.

    But you have surrounded yourself with so much toxicity towards rssb, that i think you need to calm down and introspect. Get rid yourself of the hatred.

    "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
    The Buddha

    May you be blessed.🙏

  138. And whether you are atheist or theist, its your personal, individualistic decision. Every one has their own realities. I cannot force my reality on you, so you should not force yours on mine or anyone else.

    Maharaj ji used to say that we have to set our own atmosphere, our own environment. One shouldnt make any distinction between satsangi or non satsangi.



  140. Aww Brian I just feel sad for you :(
    Kindergarten isn't over for you yet? lmao

  141. There is an emergency to reach the hospital so I had to break the signal but the officer caught me and I had to pay the fine even after insisting him that I was in a hurry and have to reach the hospital but he said rules are rules so pay the fine and go.... Who is wrong in this case....??? I (who was in a hurry to reach hospital and had to break the signal) OR the officer who after giving him the sufficient proofs charged me with the fine....??? Kindly comment Brian....

  142. Go to a place where yr www 'friends' +

    ans Saint beaters from ages are ,
    to ego compete

  143. Surrender to a true saint is very difficult for foolish people who prefer their mind in world

  144. Strange that "Jesse" (after initiating unprovoked insults against me) still has his new posts visible, whereas I (who merely retaliated) am not able to see my new posts

    1. I have a feeling that 'Jesse' might be also known as Brian. Either that or 'Jesse' might have admin permissions. When they see something they don't like, they can pick and choose whether to post it. Pretty convenient. Poor sods though... fancy being caught up in a cult. Must make one feel pretty stupid.

    2. Post the purged replies here as can be seen now ad

    3. Is this the case? So then it's no level playing field?

  145. After your anti-hindu blog on Kashmir and Modi, I won't say that I hate you. I just found a pea brain in you... You too believe paid media propaganda. Don't you have enough intelligence to see through propaganda. Will you just helieve whatever these propagandists say.

  146. Read part of your article from the guy who got "clocked" by satsangis at Haynes Park recently. Don't know if it's true or not. I'd like to recount my experience simply as :'a couple of days spent in the company of a pure Saint- full of joy, light and love and profound realizations.'The individual who supposedly got struck could have had similar experiences- if he was willing to obey some rules (like not take a phone in) , but I guess he's just too much of an fool to do that. I think Church of the Churchless, paradoxically serves B. Hines in that it gives him a way of staying connected to the Path when he has no other way. Of course it is also detrimental to blaspheme one's guru and Perfect Living Master or His successor.
    Radha Soami Brian!

  147. Are you suprised Todd?

    This shit happens all the time.

    After all a few in the CoC and that includes Jesse fuel it. So they are given a free hand to abuse, insult, mock others,peddle agendas and also proclaim free speech exists in USA. To build and sustain a narrative usually anti RSSB inconvenient posts are blocked. The likes are made to look supreme and superior through this as well. Imagine the outcome - Jesse abuses you (it's not mere insults) which is met with a deathly silence from you (of course manufactured through suppressing your responses) - he wins you lose, he is superior and you inferior, he is smart and you dumb, he is strong and you a sissy, he knows what he says and is right about it and you are an idiot ranting away knowing nothing. That's the game Todd.


    The solider in me wants to kick his ass to kingdom come. He has shown me disrespect.

    Posted by: Arjuna | September 17, 2019 at 09:36 AM


    Is this what being the services taught you? Do you genuinely believe these words do honour to the uniform you wear? Do you really think this is the soldier in you speaking?

    Do watch this video.

    And since you are trained to leave nothing uncovered, do let me know the kind of guns they have on them.

    Kabir says,

    "Bada Hua To Kya Hua, Jaise Ped Khajoor
    Panthi Ko Chaya Nahin, Phal Laage Atidoor"

    The response scared the shit out of Brian Hines and was smoked out.

  149. On the various posts as well as those by Brian Hines in the thread 10 reasons why RSSB is a cult

    The below was not allowed to go through twice by the righteous Brian Hines!!!!!!!!

    The reasons cited they aren't good enough. Get better all you ranters specially this fella who calls himself Jesse. This won't even catch the attention of the Sevadar posted at the entrance of Haynes Park.

    But I do pray for each of your sakes that you all atleast climax after indulging in this mental masturbation. Else wasted effort plus a frustrated end state.

  150. Somebody asks Jesse in CoC

    Were you part of a cult?

    And my response

    Haha. He is in one right here and thriving with impunity.

    Doesn't get published. Balls of steel this fella Brian has. REAL MAN HE IS.

    1. Like somebody in here said Jesse has admin rights. Brian ka paaltu kutta.

  151. Main Hoon Ullu ka patha a.k.a. OSHOSeptember 23, 2019 at 3:16 AM

    Ek chutiya gets punched at Haynes Park

    Ek Ullu ka patha: bade Bhaiya bade Bhaiya, pata hai mere ko na ek Sevadar ne na punch mara.

    Bade Bhaiya: phir tu ne kya kiya?

    Ek Ullu ka patha: main kya kar sakta tha. Main hoon hi darpok. Main na Nirupama Roy ki tarah rone lag pada.

    Bade Bhaiya: par tune kuch bola nahin kya? Wapis punch laga dena tha

    Ek Ullu ka patha: nahin bade bhaiya. Main bola na... Ek abla naree ki tarah mein girgirata raha - muje chhod do, jaane do. Aapke Ghar mein bi meri jaisi abla nar honge.

    Bade Bhaiya: phir?

    Ek Ullu ka patha: phir kya. Woh hass te rahe. Bilkul ussi tarah jaise Prem Chopra filmo mein rape karte samay hasta hai.

    Bade Bhaiya: tuhje kuch aur nahi sooji karne ka?

    Ek Ullu ka patha: Maine kiya na. Maine Brian chachu ko phone kiya. Phone pe unhe bataya. Unhone mujhe dilasa di. Kaha ek acchi si report banao. Mein apni website mein publish karunga. Tumko Sharukh Khan se bi jyada popular bana doonga. Muhje unnone paanch hazaar pound dene ka promise bhi kiya.

    Bade Bhaiya: arre yeh tumne galat nahi kiya? Tere Guru ki badnaami ka kuch toh soocha hota.

    Ek Ullu ka patha: kaun guru, kaisa guru. Arre Sharukh Khan se jyada popularity ka matlab samajte ho aap bade bhaiya? Kal hi mai apna guru change kar loonga. Already half dozen to change kare hain. Expert hoon is maamle mein. Aur paise bhi to mil rahe Hain. Naya chashma bi denge Brian chachu.

    Bade Bhaiya: aur Ghar wale?

    Ek Ullu ka patha: unka kya. Woh toh already mere kartutaun se tangh ho chuke hain. Par mujhe koi farak nahin padta.

    Bade bhaiya: police aur legal case kiya?

    Ek Ullu ka patha: saale policewale pass vich hi the. Toh report likha di. Par unhe 3bottle Black label de ditti. Kush hogaye sarey. Kuch outcome nahi hoga. Brian chachu ko aur ek mauka mil jayega GSD aur RSSB ki badnaami karne ka. Isme bhi meri popularity badegi. Main na jaldi hi Brian chachu ki website mein star banne wala Hoon

    Bade bhaiya:yeh website ka naam Kya hai?

    Ek Ullu ka patha:Church of Churchless. Ek sey badh kar ek gadhey Hain wahan par. Sabse bada apna chachu hi. Phir Jesse aur Arjuna bhi hain. Mere ko bhi special status mila hai.

    Bade bhaiya: tu na narak vich sadega. Ja nikal yahan se ab. Aur haan jab Brian chachu paise dede toh mujhe batah dena. Daru sharu ki ek shyam kar lenge hum dono.

    1. Kya kehane. Nirupama Roy and Prem Chopra loving it.

      Too good!!!

  152. Who needs 10 reasons why RSSB is a cult. So much wasted effort!!!

    If I were asked to pen a blog on this it would be just 8 words

    RSSB is a cult because Jesse says so.

    1. Spot on. Just one question though - do you think Jesse is pea-brained? Aren't you giving Jesse undue credit?

  153. "I have just heard about another person who was also attacked at Haynes Park."

    Sissy Osho,

    Just one and it took you sooooo long?

    I have 8 names with me already claiming assault at Haynes Park.

    We plan to increase this number considerably at the next program.

    Hands on training for our Sevadars. It's good to have so many Brit sissies.

    Arjuna, you can come too ya. The faggots hunger for you.

  154. "If this type of behaviour is tolerated then sooner or later they are going to pick on the wrong guy who will get his revenge then those sevadars will go crying to the police for assistance.

    If this is really happening on a regular basis then it needs to be stopped. If there is corruption at the top those people need to be replaced."

    RS Mainstream,

    Don't bore us with this bhashan!!!! We know what to do and how to handle such discards.

  155. "On that thread of Shocking case of Punching - an Arjuna said

    " I'd go hunting for them outside Haynes if they tried that shit with me. We would have a chance chat and these pussy sevadars would apologise perhaps even clean my car or shoes. I would own them.

    Some people you dont mess with!!!!"

    My reply:


    Why hunt them separately outside Haynes Park. Your time as a soldier is precious and aren't you the same Arjuna who said you could take them on all together?

    The faggots hunger for you. You've turned them on.

    Next program. What say?

    Let's see tuh kis khet ki mooli hai - Kalyug ka Arjuna, they keep repeating.

    Pata Chala it's a case of ki haati ke daant khane ke aur dhikhane ke aur.

    You do the soldier fraternity proud, btw.

    1. If this fella is indeed a soldier which I doubt very much, he is a disgrace to the forces!

  156. "On that thread of Shocking case of Punching - a Jesse said

    "they start bringing out the heavy bags and teaching some striking and grappling moves to the sangat."

    My reply which obviously will not get published

    Would you like to volunteer as the bag? You should since you own this idea. Live bag, interactive session, sangat will enjoy too. Will save a huge shit storm from happening too.

    The Sevadars will watch and learn learn.

  157. Slave of GSD, per capita income is easy to find online. By country, by city, by race. Use which one you want. India is an extremely poor country and you personally are mentally impoverished more than financially.

    Posted by: Jesse | October 10, 2019 at 01:40 PM


    Like I told you before think what you want about India and me.

    Doesn't make an iota of a difference to the ground realities of the rich and powerful Indians. Also to that of the average Indian and to my mental capabilities.

    But is the mental masturbation you and others indulge in here pleasurable? I hope you climax after each post. You could answer for yourself surely.

    Posted by: Slave_of_GSD | October 10, 2019 at 06:56 PM